Female engineers studied the ways breasts move to craft a high-performance sports bra that's actually comfortable to run or train in.

By Cassie Shortsleeve

Sports bras aren't always all they're cracked up to be. Sure, they come in cute crop top hybrids we love to look at. But when it comes to actually wearing the suckers? They can be everything from ill-fitting and uncomfortable to downright painful. (You know that strap-digging-into-your-shoulder, can't-wait-to-change kind of pain?)

Leave it to Lululemon to solve the problem. Today, the luxe athletic wear company released their newest sports bra, the Enlite Bra, which has a sleek, seamless design and built-in cups that soften the bounce of your boobs. It's made of a new Lululemon fabric called Ultralu, which not only sounds luxe but is also lightweight, breathable, and soft on your skin. And it has super-thick straps (read: no more painful shoulder dig).

Two years in the making, the Enlite Bra seeks to merge high performance and comfort. Lululemon began by finding out how women want their bra to feel while they sweat. Feedback from 1,000+ ladies revealed that the idea of how movement impacts support was key to crafting a great product-an insight that led the team to study-what else-our breasts.

"We looked at how the body moves and at the contouring shape of it in order to understand how to develop a product that adheres to the needs of the guest during a high-intensity workout," designer Laura Dixon explained.

And while the average sports bra on the market focuses only on up-and-down movement of the breasts, through testing (with real women!) at the Whitespace-Lululemon's high-tech research and design lab in Vancouver-engineers developed "a holistic understanding of how the breasts move in all directions, not just up and down." The result? A bra that supports and enhances movement, helping you feel your best mid-workout.

Interested in seeing what all the hype is about? The sizing is a little bit different than usual (because, you know, it's designed to fit like no other bra out there!). But Lululemon has a handy guide on their site for finding the perfect size for each woman. BTW: It comes in 20 sizes that were handcrafted on real women's bodies.

The only setback seems to be the bra's price tag: $98. But c'mon ladies, investment pieces have their place in an athletic wardrobe, right? (We say yes.)


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