These buttery soft leggings are as comfortable after multiple washes as they were when I first put them on.
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Manduka leggings
Credit: Manduka

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No one wants to be a one-trick pony—and that includes your workout clothes. Your favorite brands likely tout their leggings and tops as looks that can take you from barre to bar (can we get a new phrase already, please?), but do they ~really~ offer that level of versatility? Can they be comfortable and stylish and functional? If you're talking about my favorite pair of Manduka leggings, then yes to all of the above, and you can tack on ethically sourced to boot.

The Manduka E-Cotton High-Rise Legging (Buy It, $78 $51, is made from a stretchy, ribbed jersey-knit that sounds like it wouldn't be something you could sweat in, but trust me, you totally can. I've worn these babies to both HIIT barre and vinyasa yoga and they've held up well. No sagging in second position or shifting in three-legged downward dog. (Related: The Best Yoga Mats for Hot Yoga)

Sure, I probably wouldn't choose them for a CrossFit WOD or outdoor bike ride, but you can bet I wear them to Pilates, the grocery store, and a walk with the dog—often all on the same day. And it goes without saying that the soft eKO cotton material ("ethically sourced, providing a better life for those who produce it while bringing better practices to the environment and industry," according to the brand's website) is great for binging Netflix on rainy weekend days. (Related: I've Worn This Lululemon Backpack Nearly Every Day for More Than a Year)

But really the biggest draw of these leggings, IMO, is the fact that they make for presentable loungewear. And, yes, part of adulting is having something other than your baggy sweatpants with holes in them from high school to wear while hanging out with friends or a date. These are the only leggings I genuinely feel are cute (yet comfy!) enough to wear to a girls' night in where you'll also need to make a public outing to grab takeout and more wine.

As far as the fit goes, as someone who has a love-hate relationship with high-waisted leggings—some are way too high, others the band too tight—I find the fit on these Manduka leggings to be just right. The seams are all expertly placed to land at flattering points and with only 12 percent spandex, the jersey material is surprisingly flexible without ever stretching out. (Related: These Are My Favorite Sweat-Wicking, Butt-Sculpting Running Leggings of All Time)

One thing to note though: These are full-length leggings, and at 5'6" I still have some length to spare around the ankles. So if you're looking for a cropped look or if you're on the shorter side, you might find these a bit too long.

If all of this still hasn't sold you (what more do you want from me/a pair of pants?), then maybe this will: The Manduka E-Cotton High-Rise Legging is currently on sale, so you could save more than $25 if you scoop them up today.

While these Manduka leggings are my go-to for low-intensity workouts and leisure self-care days, there are plenty of other pieces and accessories from the brand that I love for other uses:

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