These Are the Best Running Shoes for Shin Splints — and I've Been Wearing Them for More Than 10 Years

The midsole and foam bed work together to reduce shock, while providing comfort even during long distances.

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If you're a runner like me, then you know how painful and debilitating shin splints can be. But if you are a newbie and starting to experience pain along your shin bones, you should know that shin splints are microtears caused by "repetitive stress on the shinbone and the connective tissue that attaches your muscles to the bone," explains Hillary Brenner, D.P.M., a podiatrist at Podiatric Medicine and Foot Surgery in New York and New Jersey. Another reason you might have them: wearing ill-fitting shoes during strenuous exercise, she adds.

While a natural byproduct of running long distances and doing high-impact exercises, the discomfort caused by those pesky microtears began to hinder me from finishing my workouts. Feeling frustrated for missing gym days and runs, I visited my local running store in hopes of a proper footwear recommendation, since the right pair of sneakers can actually help alleviate shin splint pain. After completing the store's running test, the associate suggested the Mizuno Wave Rider Running Shoe (Buy It, $135, (If you're suffering from knee pain, on the other hand, another Shape writer swears these sneakers save her during squats.)

Mizuno Women's Wave Rider 25 Running Shoe

Buy It: Mizuno Wave Rider 25 Running Shoe, $135,

According to Brenner, a good shoe for shin splints will have arch support and "a little bit of height in the heel to stabilize the muscles so there is not as much strain on them." These cushioned Mizuno sneakers do just that thanks to the brand's signature midsole and foam footbed, which absorb the impact that can cause shin splints to occur, while delivering comfort. The running shoe also has a stabilizing plate that responds to your foot's movement (translation: it offers less flexibility to help prevent injuries, including shin splints). Plus, the shoe has a breathable mesh exterior to allow airflow to keep you comfortable and cool.

For 10 years I've battled shin splint pain, with it first flaring up during high school, where I participated in cross country and track and field. My shins absorbed all of the impact during sprint sessions, because I wore unsupportive shoes that lacked cushioning. However, after being introduced to Mizuno, I found that the Wave Rider had the cushioning and arch support I needed to make my feet and legs feel more supported during runs as long as 10 miles. Coupled with icing and shin wrapping, I began, and continue to, experience minimal shin splint pain, and have kept the Wave Riders in my rotation for a decade.

With more than a hundred positive reviews, Amazon customers — even those who don't deal with shin splints, in particular — have been won over by these running sneakers for their design and shock absorption. "Having never worn Mizuno shoes before, I took a chance on these, and I'm very impressed with their comfort, support, and construction. The soles are thick, with foam between the foot bed and the bottom and with good treads that grip even on slick surfaces," said one shopper. "They absorb shock well, making them suitable for both pavement and running trails, and the padding around the ankle minimizes the risk of blisters." I've been wearing past iterations of the Mizuno Wave Rider 25 Running Shoe for more than 10 years to alleviate my shin splint pain, and I haven't gone back to any other pair. For $135, you can start your workout on the right foot, too (no pun intended).

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