Juggling it all as a new mom is so hard—but one mother has created a functional (and cute!) sports bra that'll make one aspect a bit easier.​

By Zara Husaini Hanawalt for Fit Pregnancy and Baby

Like most breastfeeding moms out there, Laura Berens quickly noticed some challenges associated with fitting feedings into her day-to-day life.

"I've always been into fitness and wellness...I worked out through my whole pregnancy, and then I had my daughter [18 months ago]," Berens told FitPregnancy. "I was nursing her and I was racing to the gym and racing back [to nurse her]. I'd run in and she'd be screaming because she was hungry. I'd be pulling up this tight, sweaty sports bra to get my boob out, and I was like 'I want to research to see if there's a nursing sports bra.'"

Berens searched for the perfect bra, one that would take her seamlessly from workouts to feedings without any unnecessary snags-while there were a few on the market, nothing ever quite felt perfect. "None of them had the functionality and the support and comfort that I was looking for," she said. "I was like 'this is crazy.' I thought 'I wonder if I could create one.'"

Despite a lack of fashion industry experience, Berens pushed through with her idea: She contacted designers and manufacturers, adjusted the initial design several times, and finally came out with a sports bra nursing mamas will actually want to wear.

Berens founded Love and Fit, an activewear line designed specifically with moms in mind-and one of the line's signature pieces is the Fit Mama nursing sports bra. Berens promises this bra is comfy, functional and meant to accommodate the many needs breastfeeding moms face. "If you leak, it's moisture-wicking. If you sweat, it's moisture-wicking. When you take down one side, it actually goes all the way down-it's not connected underneath your armpit, it's actually connected all the way underneath your rib cage," Berens said of the bra's design.

The bra earned the stamp of approval from the ultimate fit mama-Sarah Stage wore it in a recent Instagram post, so we know it's good! While this may not be the first nursing sports bra out there, Berens believes this is the one that checks all the boxes (the fact that it's cute doesn't hurt either!).

"People have put similar bras out, but it was always a scoop neck [that required you to pull your boob out]," she said. By contrast, her bra has a V-neck, which makes it easy for moms to completely pull the fabric away for easier nursing.

Berens has more products in the works (including a nursing workout tank and a pair of leggings that'll work during and after pregnancy). If you feel as strongly about what she's doing for fit moms as we do, you can head over to Love and Fit's Kickstarter page to donate (psst...you just might find some discounts there!). It's about time someone addressed the fact that nursing mamas still want to juggle their own health alongside breastfeeding their babies. Finding time to make it all work will never be easy-but with products like this one, it just might be getting a bit more do-able.


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