I got about a dozen DMs within an hour after posting about this jacket to my IG Stories.

By Alyssa Sparacino
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When I started planning a trip to the American West for nearly two weeks of outdoor adventures in and around some National Parks, my first thought was, ‘I can’t flippin’ wait to do ALL the things!’, followed quickly by, ‘What am I going to wear to do all these things?’.

Luckily, I already had basics that served me well on other outdoor trips, but the unpredictable weather of Wyoming and Montana in September—hot summer-like days with lots of sun exposure and chilly desert-like nights—warranted some shopping.

I stocked up on a lot of these picks from our list of the best outdoor gear and clothes, but I was in need of one item that could handle the varying climates that wouldn’t take up a ton of room in my already stuffed carry-on.


That’s when I stumbled upon The North Face’s Fanorak. This genius invention is both a wind-resistant, water-repellent anorak and fanny pack in one. When you need the coverage—it has a hood, btw—it's a lightweight, relaxed fit jacket with kangaroo-style front pocket. And when the temps rise and you need to peel off a layer, the jacket literally stuffs itself into its own pocket, which transforms into a belt bag with hip strap and all. No more tying jackets around your waist that drag across the ground and get tangled in the brush.

This proved to be the perfect outwear option for when my husband and I spent the day at the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone (yes, there’s another Grand Canyon) exploring and hiking around the stunning valley. In the morning, when it was still brisk, I opted for the color-blocked jacket, and when we started moving and sweating on the hiking trails, I swiftly turned it into a fanny pack that still had plenty of room for my day-hike essentials. (Related: The Survival Skills You Need to Know Before You Hit the Hiking Trails)

When I posted about it on social media, I got about a dozen DMs that said more or less: ‘wait, what?! That’s so cool’ and ‘where can I buy this? Need it.’ A couple of friends actually did buy their own fanoraks after that post, and it wasn’t even #sponcon, promise.

I purchased the first edition of the women’s Fanorak in a teal, navy, and aqua color with mustard yellow, trim, but since then, TNF has released the Fanorak 2.0 with brand new colors, such as storm blue, which has two blue hues with white sleeves, and spiced coral, which blends navy with dark coral and a softer, light pink.

Buy It: The North Face Women’s Fanorak 2.0, $79, thenorthface.com and zappos.com



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