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12 Reasons Leggings Are the Best Thing Ever Invented

Ah, leggings. The ~*spice*~ of a fit girl's life. Certain op-ed-writing Grumpy Cats of the world might have a serious problem with wearing them as pants, but as a working-out woman who works pretty effing hard for your body, you should feel free to go ahead and wear stretchy pants whenever you damn please.

They may have started as a yoga staple, but leggings have grown into an athleisure world of their own. Here, all the reasons leggings are bae, and why it is the absolute best to wear them all day, er' day.

1. Even when wearing clothes is the last thing you want to do...


Leggings are there to make you feel like you're naked—while still being socially acceptable.

2. They never dig into you or chafe, and you never ever need a belt (yuck).


Yes, jeans, we're looking at you.

3. Slipping them on is incredibly satisfying...


It's like they were made just for your body. much that wearing them is like giving your legs and butt a giant, daylong hug.


So, essentially, leggings are just a version of #selfcare, which is 100 percent necessary.

4. You know how horrible shopping is when you can't find anything that fits? Well, leggings always fit.


No gaping at the waist or squishing of your powerful thighs. Thank you, magic stretchy material.

5. And today's leggings market means you can get them in literally any pattern you could ever want.


You could say leggings are just a wearable version of free speech. Are you going to try to take that away from me?

6. They give you 100 percent of your ~natural~ range of motion...


...which is necessary to pull off insane yoga poses, but also for daily life.


And, you know, random dance breaks (for your mental health).


Ever tried to pop, lock, and drop it in jeans? Surefire way to rip 'em. (True story.)

7. The movement possibilities are truly endless.


Suddenly, anything is possible. (Especially if you have the best leggings for your specific workout.)

8. Plus, they allow you the freedom to eat whatever you want.


Welcome, food baby. You will not be constricted. (P.S.—Science says it's chill to overeat sometimes if you're sweating on the reg.)

9. But if you want a pair with that 360-degree hips-waist-thighs control, they're essentially a non-awkward version of Spanx.


Like these high-waisted beauts. (And, BTW, Spanx has their own leggings now, and it's the absolute best of both worlds.)

10. Not to mention they make you feel sexy AF.


Yes, I'm aware you can see my butt. I worked damn hard to get it to look like that, so let me show it off, okay?

11. A basic black pair matches literally everything.


How many "I have nothing to wear" panic cycles were resolved because of the existence of basic black leggings? Answer: all of them.

12. And you can make them work in almost any situation.


Spin class? Cropped leggings. Day at the office? Leggings (+ long sweater). Date? Leather leggings. Netflix and Chill? Just leggings. (Some leggings even have POCKETS, you guys.)

So, do you want to say again that leggings aren't pants?


Bye, Felicia. Going to slip on my fave pair and do all that shit you can't do in jeans.



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