This Activewear Laundry Detergent Gets Gunk Out of Your Clothes In the Most Satisfying Way

After putting Rockin' Green's detergent to the test, you'll want to rewash all of your activewear ASAP.

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This Activewear Laundry Detergent Gets Gunk Out of Your Clothes In the Most Grossly Satisfying Way
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Unless you're a real-life version of Monica Gellar, there's a good chance you dread laundry day. The washing machine is about as quiet as a boat motor pulled out of the water; lint from the dryer ends up all over your floor; and once all of your loads are done, you immediately find three dirty pairs of leggings in your gym bag. Ugh.

But after you swap your standard detergent for Rockin' Green's Platinum Active Wear Laundry Detergent, washing your workout clothes will suddenly become an activity that you can't wait to document on TikTok. The reason: Rockin' Green removes years' worth of built-up gunk from your sweaty sports bras, leggings, and tank tops in a disgusting, yet seriously satisfying way.

ICYDK, body oils, sweat, dead skin cells, and bacteria can settle into fabrics over time, and when the bacteria begins to break down, it releases rank gasses. But even if the label on your jug of laundry detergent claims to squash any putrid smells and removes those residues, it might not get the job done on your activewear. The weave of synthetic fabrics (i.e. polyester, polypropylene, and nylon) creates "moisture channels" that allow sweat to pass through, keeping you cool and dry while you work out. The problem is that these channels also form extra nooks for dirt and odor molecules to build up, and not all detergents are powerful enough to get down into those crevices and wash them away, the Wall Street Journal reports. That means no matter how many times you run your clothes through the washing machine with a floral-scented cleaning agent, there's a chance your gear will still smell nasty.

Rockin' Green's powdered activewear detergent, however, gets the tough job done thanks to a blend of plant-derived enzymes that break down those built-up residues, clean-rinsing surfactants that remove dirt and oil from the fabric's surface, and tea tree oil that tackles odors and has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. To rinse away the sweat and grime before it sets into your clothes, use Rockin' Green's powder just like you would a traditional detergent and drop a scoop into your washing machine's dispenser or drum. But to magically eliminate the gunk you didn't even realize was on your clean clothes, add one to two scoops of the powder to a sink full of hot water (or in your washer on the pre-soak setting) and submerge your activewear in it first. After an hour of soaking, that once-clear tap water will look more like a polluted lake. From there, you can toss your clothes into the washing machine, set it on a regular cycle, and wash sans-detergent to remove any remaining Rockin' Green detergent from the soak.

Rockin' Green's Platinum Active Wear Laundry Detergent

Rockin' Green's Platinum Active Wear Laundry Detergent

Considering this tangible evidence of its cleansing powers, it's no wonder Rockin' Green's activewear detergent has racked up 5,700-plus five-star reviews on Amazon. The SparkNotes summary of the reviews: "This sh*#t works!" wrote one shopper. "My gym clothes had that old school perm-a-stank on them. I was ready to toss them out. No matter what I used, nothing worked ... Tide, OxiClean, Sport Wash. My clothes would smell fine coming out of the wash, but as soon as I started to get my sweat on, they would go right back to funk-a-delic — to the point of embarrassment. Then I used this miracle powder. I was skeptical and had ZERO expectations.... but after ONE wash .... boom ... right back to "so fresh and so clean"."

Another skeptic who thought the detergent was a gimmick was "amazed" by Rockin' Green's results, too. "Even with letting my clothes dry out before putting them in my ventilated hamper, some of them were getting funky," they wrote. "...I used this for the first time on an activewear load last week — followed the directions, did an extra rinse cycle and everything, and my clothes have 0 smell. That's key — they don't have a flowery smell, they don't smell like a waterfall surrounded by fields of lavender, they just smell like nothing. Exactly what I want my workout gear to smell like."

What's more, the Rockin' Green activewear detergent is also gentle enough to use on your delicates — and it'll still get out hidden grime. "I did the first soak with my 'clean' underwear (from the closet) in my sink with hot water and 2 scoops," wrote one reviewer. "Within a few minutes, it was a little brown. By 15-20 minutes it was reeeeeal brown. Gross, but cool."

Beyond its mighty cleansing abilities, the Rockin' Green activewear detergent is also eco-friendly: The formula is vegan, free of dyes, biodegradable, and 100 percent plant-based. Plus, it doesn't contain certain potentially harmful chemicals such as phosphates (which can encourage the overgrowth of harmful algae), optical brighteners (which can be toxic to aquatic life), or parabens (which can kill coral), according to the company.

Though Rockin' Green's Platinum Active Wear Laundry Detergent is a bit pricier than other detergents, a little goes a long way. You need to use just an eighth of the amount of detergent as you would with other brands, according to the company. And since a short soak gives you spotless workout clothes that don't stink up the gym, it's well worth the cash.

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