The company will ship an outfit straight to your workout studio.

By Renee Cherry
July 02, 2018
Photo: Arlo Hotels

Every fitness junkie knows the sinking feeling that comes with realizing they forgot to pack clothes for their post-work fitness class-especially when you've already shelled out good money for it. Do you just skip the class you've been looking forward to all week and eat the cost (and cancellation fee)? Duck out early to buy an entire outfit on the way? Attempt to piece together an outfit of borrowed items from your co-workers? Well, thanks to a new activewear rental service called Routinely, you don't have to worry about this problem anymore. (The service is currently only available in New York City, with plans to expand this genius idea in the future.)

Routinely basically functions like a faster version of Rent the Runway. Specify the address and time of your delivery (with bags arriving as quickly as same-day delivery to anywhere in NYC in under two hours), then pick out what you want in your kit: a tank top, sports bra, leggings, Nike Free RN sneakers, or a whole outfit. Each kit also comes with a fresh hair tie and socks, with an option to add on a protein bar if you need a little post-workout fuel. (Related: Red Workout Leggings Are the Next Big Activewear Trend)

The service is $6 for a single piece, $8 for everything but sneakers, or $10 for an entire outfit, with a $2 upcharge to specify which brand you want. Luckily, Routinely works with Lululemon, Outdoor Voices, Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour-so you can't really go wrong with letting them choose the brands for you. After you receive your kit, you get three days to return it in the included return envelope. If you happen to be working out at NEO U, the process is even easier. The boutique gym has partnered with Routinely and has marked drop boxes where visitors can return their clothes after a class. (Other gyms are currently signing on board for similar set-ups.)

Yes, renting pre-worn gym clothes might sound a bit bizarre at first, but to shut down any 'ick' factor, Routinely emphasizes the steps it takes to make sure its kits arrive clean and fresh: Clothes are commercially cleaned, socks are brand new (and yours to keep), and shoes are disinfected with a special UV light. The brand also notes that it replaces the sneakers' soles periodically so you always get traction that's in tip-top shape. (FYI, here's how to stink-proof your workout routine.)

The service can come in handy in scenarios other than simply forgetting your gear. If you're on a trip to New York and didn't plan on taking a class in advance or just don't feel like dealing with laundry, you can ship a kit to your hotel's front desk. (The company even partnered with Arlo Hotels to give guests their first order for free.) Another added perk: It's a great way to test drive your activewear before blindly committing to a pricey pair of leggings you saw online. (Related: Healthy Hotels with Cool Fitness Partnerships)

You can get anything on demand these days: food, cleaning services, beauty treatments, and we all love to poke fun at how these companies are feeding into our collective laziness with their crazy convenience factor. But you really can't say the same about Routinely, which actually enables you to stay *more* active. We'll call that a fashion-fitness win-win.


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