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Scope the New Athleisure Line by Carbon38

It seems like everyone is coming out with an athleisure line these days, but Carbon38's new collection, which is on sale today, stands out from the pack. Already known for their unconventional approach to e-commerce (they use fitness instructors instead of models on their site!), Carbon38 has serious chops when it comes to the activewear market. (Are you following these all-star Athleisure Instagram Accounts?)

Carbon38 Athleisure Blazer

The line features all the expected workout pieces like leggings and bras, but they're also introducing styles to wear with your active staples, including dresses, ponchos, blazers and even a bodysuit. "We're blending activewear fabrics and construction with ready-to-wear silhouettes. The collection is transitional and can be worn in or out of the gym. Each piece performs with you throughout your day, whether that's riding at SoulCycle or running around town," says co-founder Caroline Gogolak. "Long gone are the days of the grungy hoodie."

Carbon38 Athleisure Bodysuit

Plus, as the athleisure world expands, women are demanding that it be easier to transition their outfits from gym to work to social engagements. "We launched [the site] with a mission to support women in all that they do each and every day and this collection is a further extension of that very principal," says co-founder Katie Warner Johnson. "These styles extend beyond the barre and provide the same support and ease as her activewear staples but in more of a ready-to-wear package." (Meet 5 Other Athleisure Companies Blending Fitness and Fashion.)

Carbon38 Athleisure Dress

The slick, black and white color palette and print of the collection were based on the juxtaposition between gritty NYC, where Caroline lives, and beachy LA, where Katie and the rest of the company are based. And with prices ranging from $100 to $300, these edgy but versatile pieces are sure to appeal to fitness enthusiasts from coast to coast.


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