Shoppers Compare These $17 Ultra-Lightweight Sneakers to Walking On Clouds

Get ready to meet your new *sole* mate.

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Photo: Walmart - Design: Alex Sandoval

A year ago, I was parading around New York City in lipstick, jeans, and booties. Fast forward to 2020, and I'm working from my tiny Brooklyn bedroom wearing lip balm, leggings, and fuzzy socks. Basically, my current life revolves around comfort thanks to the past year's events — and I'm not alone.

Tons of people have turned from products that simply look good to those that actually feel good, too, like loungewear or oversized sweatshirts. And instead of cramming their feet into fall's chicest footwear, shoppers are opting for cushy kicks like Avia's Slip-On Sneakers.

The ultra lightweight style, which launched on Walmart earlier this fall, is the latest comfy shoe drop from activewear brand Avia. Known for collabing with Vannessa Hudgens to create adorable workout gear, the company also makes budget-friendly dupes of the latest sneaker trends. (Want more sneaks? Check out Shape's 2020 Sneaker Awards.)

Following in the footsteps of brands like Nike and Reebok, Avia developed a slip-on style that skips laces and grommets in favor of a form-fitting knit. This change not only saves you time trying to tie double knots, but also keeps the shoe super lightweight. The result is a fit that reviewers compare to walking on a cloud or running around barefoot.

The memory foam insole adds to the comfortable construction, which makes this sneaker a go-to for people who work on their feet all day, including nurses and servers. Of course, they're also great for workouts like hiking, tennis, and walking, according to shoppers. One reviewer even claimed the style was actually better than some of her $80 pairs of sneakers.

Avia Slip-On Sneakers

avia slip on sneaker in light blue with white sole

Better yet, the emphasis on comfort doesn't take away from the shoes' sleek design. They're versatile enough to wear with joggers but can also be paired with your regular OOTD. Plus, they come in a variety of versatile colors, including burgundy, black, and white. And while you might think shoes this promising would cost a small fortune, the Avia slip-ons are only $17. That means they not only feel amazing on your feet, but on your wallet, too.

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