I'm Convinced These Are the Best Cycling Shoes for Wide Feet

After taking uncomfortable rides that left my feet aching, I discovered these cycling shoes on Amazon that fit me perfectly.

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I'm Convinced These Are the Best Cycling Shoes for Wide Feet

I've hopped on the indoor cycling bandwagon, but I'll be the first to admit that I don't enjoy every minute of my daily ride. My first time cycling, the only thing that could keep my mind off of how badly the workout was beating me into submission was how uncomfortable the cycling shoes were. Cycling shoes clip into a bike's pedals to keep the rider securely attached, allow them to focus on their form, and move more efficiently. However, the stiff shoes tend to run narrow, IMO, which can make riding uncomfortable for folks with wide feet like myself.

I hate to say that I've been "cursed" with wide feet, but shopping for shoes has proven difficult — cycling shoes included. My feet at a size 8 are nearing 4 inches in width, which is considered wide for my foot length and has forced me to pivot how I shop for shoes in hopes of finding options that feel comfortable. I'm not the only one who can find shoe shopping to be a (literal and metaphorical) pain. I one review published in the Journal of Foot and Ankle Research, more than 60 percent of study participants didn't know their correct shoe size (length or width-wise), one of the most significant contributing factors to foot pain and related conditions.

Like many people who felt a surge of motivation to get fit during the pandemic, I succumbed to the pressure to work out at home, namely with a Peloton Bike, the current "it" bike for home workout enthusiasts. I initially tried wearing a friend's Peloton brand shoes (which were one size larger than my normal shoe size) on my new bike and they actually felt incredibly tight on my feet. So, I quickly realized I'd need to look elsewhere for cycling shoes for wide feet.

A quick search on Amazon directed me to a pair of cycling shoes that are suited to wide feet and ring in at a fraction of the cost of some other cycling brands, including Peloton. The Bonitronic Men's & Women's Road Bike Cycling Shoes (Buy It, $67, amazon.com) on Amazon are less than $70 and run from size 6 women/8 men to 14.5 women/12.5 men. I initially sized up but ended up finding them too roomy and exchanging them for my true size, which fit perfectly, regardless of the fact that they're not sold as "wide" shoes. (

Bonitronic Men's Women's Road Bike Cycling Shoes

I don't buy shoes that don't move me in the depths of my soul, and indoor cycling shoes are no exception. Yes, a shoe should fit properly, but I also don't want to settle for a design I'm not loving. Thankfully, these cycling shoes come in a wide variety of styles. Whether you enjoy a sleek black pair or some iridescent rainbow shoes, you'll find an option for you. (

My favorite thing about these clip-in cycling shoes for wide feet, though, is that you have not one but two ways of adjusting their fit. The lacing system features a buckle that you pull in order to loosen the fit or rotate when you want to tighten the shoes. There's also a velcro loop strap toward the front top of the shoe so that you can customize the fit even further. It doesn't take long to break them in, a detail that Amazon reviewers back me up on.

FYI, the shoes come with Look Delta cleats. (You can attach one of two types of cleats to the bottom of cycling shoes that allow them to lock onto a bike: Look Delta or SPD cleats). That means that these will work with stationary bikes with Look Delta pedals such as the Peloton bikes. The cycling shoes for wide feet are also compatible with SPD cleats, but you'll need to purchase those cleats separately if your indoor or outdoor bike pedals require them. Attaching the cleats onto your cycling shoes only takes a few minutes — I suck at assembling things, and I found it quite easy. (

If you're like me and need cycling shoes designed for wide feet, I'd recommend trying out the Bonitronic Men's Women's Road Bike Cycling Shoes (Buy It, $67, amazon.com). Your workout might still be torturous — in a good way — but at least you won't have to contend with foot discomfort from wearing the wrong shoes.

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