These Biodegradable Slip-On Sneakers Feel Like Walking On Clouds

Crafted entirely from plant-based materials, BLUEVIEW's slip-on sneakers have a smaller environmental footprint but don't fall short on comfort.

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Up until recently, I had never met a slip-on sneaker that checked all the boxes. Despite being supremely comfy, the pastel yellow Vans I lived in throughout high school were anything but durable, and the outsole began separating from the upper fabric after just a year. The stark-white, brandless kicks I rocked last summer matched my wardrobe but offered such little arch support that my feet ached even after short walks in the park.

But after just three weeks of wear, it's clear the newly-launched BLUEVIEW Pacific slip-on sneaker (Buy It, $135, meets all of my standards — and then some. The slip-on sneakers are available in two neutral colors, Sand Dune, which will surely fit right in on the beach, and Vintage Black, which has complimented every one of my go-to outfits thus far. When dirt, grime, or melted ice cream inevitably cover the sneakers, you can remove the insoles and pop the shoes directly into the washing machine. Run them on the delicate cycle with mild detergent, handwash the insoles, and allow both to air dry, and your slip-on sneakers will look brand-spanking-new again, according to the brand's website.

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To put the kicks' comfort and durability to the test, I risked a painful break-in period and brought them as my only pair of shoes on a five-day trip — without ever having tried them on. I drove nearly 18 hours across the country, wandered around new cities, and took strolls with my friend and her dog, all while wearing the BLUEVIEW slip-on sneakers. To my surprise, my feet stayed cool and comfy all those hours spent behind the steering wheel, and I walked away from that vacation without any aches, pangs, or blisters. My love for the sneakers was further solidified when I began wearing them during my daily walks on the rocky trails at my local park. Unlike my old white slip-ons, which have such a thin outsole that makes it feel like I'm walking barefoot, the BLUEVIEW Pacific sneakers keepmy feet protected from the jagged stones. So far, the shoes still look as pristine as they did when I first pulled them out of the box — and I haven't even washed them yet. (

Most importantly, at least to a tree hugger such as myself, the shoes are made entirely from plant-based materials, including the glues and thread. Specifically, the upper is made from a blend of hemp, jute, and TENCEL yarns and features a removable organic cotton canvas strap that gives the kicks a bit of flair. The sole is crafted from BLUEVIEW's patented Soleic polyurethane foam, which is produced from algae oils. Traditionalsneaks, on the other hand, are typically manufactured from synthetic yarns and a petroleum-based foam called ethylene vinyl acetate, which research shows doesn't break down once tossed in a landfill.

Thanks to these eco-friendly materials, the kicks are 100-percent biodegradable in aerobic composting conditions, meaning they will break down completely when exposed to air, moisture, and microorganisms in compost, according to the brand's website. In fact, the company's own research shows the knit uppers and insoles degrade within just a few months, while the entire BLUEVIEW Pacific shoe will biodegrade in less than a year in industrial composting conditions. Comparatively, the plastic water bottles used to create other eco-friendly shoes will still take about 450 years to break down in the ocean and will never fully decompose, according to the information published by the National Ocean Service.

Simply put, the slip-on sneakers are kind to both your feet and planet Earth. And as tackling climate change grows increasingly vital, opting for a slip-on sneaker that has a smaller environmental impact than others on the market — yet still takes the cake in the style, comfort, and durability categories — is a swap worth making. (Next Up: How to Shop for Sustainable Activewear)

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Buy It: BLUEVIEW Pacific Slip-On Sneakers, $135,

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