People Are Calling Nike's Hands-Free Sneakers a Game-Changer for Athletes with Disabilities

The Nike Go FlyEase hinges open so that you can put them on using only your feet.

Lace-free sneakers are nothing new, but one of Nike's latest shoe designs takes ease of use to a whole new level. The brand recently announced the Nike Go FlyEase, a shoe you can put on and take off without using your hands at all. (

The Go FlyEase isn't just a regular laces-free shoe that Nike is labeling as "hands-free" for spin. The shoe actually hinges open so you can slip your foot in, then you put weight into your heel to snap it shut. To take the shoe off, you place your opposite foot on a tab in the back and lift your heel to return the shoe to the open position. Thanks to a thick, rubber band-like tensioner that wraps around the shoe, the sneaker forms to your foot even though it can also rest in the open position. The whole process looks like it's practically as easy as slipping on a pair of sliders. (


Like Nike's existing FlyEase shoes, the Go FlyEase was designed with athletes with disabilities in mind. That said, it'll likely also appeal to anyone else who hates spending time tying their shoes. "The original concept around this shoe was to support our adaptive athletes better," Haley Toelle, one of the designers behind the Go FlyEase, said in a promo video. "We quickly, throughout the process, found that the shoe is really universal. Everyone around the table would be like, 'Oh I need this shoe. I have kids, this would save my life in the morning.' So I see that trickle-down effect. You always design for the most extreme case — that's the hardest thing to do — and then it opens it up to everybody."

Nike GO FlyEase

On Twitter, people have been praising Nike for coming up with the new innovation and pointing out its potential to impact people with disabilities.

Nike will launch the shoes with neon yellow and blue; black, blue, and purple; and all-black options, but you might not be able to go hands-free just yet. For now, the Nike Go FlyEase is only available to select Nike Members by invite, but the shoe will become available to everyone later this year, according to a press release.

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