Updated: November 16, 2015

You'll notice these terms when you shop - here's what they mean:

Moisture Wicking

Wicking fabric rapidly draws moisture away from your body so no matter how much you sweat you'll stay comfortable. It's especially helpful if you're prone to body acne - the fabric lets air circulate so there's less chance your pores will become clogged.


This means the garment's fabric (or threads within it) is treated with a chemical that kills bacteria. A perk: Your sweaty workout clothes won't smell as much if you have to stash them in a gym bag for hours.

Off-Set Seams

This minor construction detail prevents upper-body chafing. Rather than having seams that sit on the sides, where your arms may rub against them, they're set either to the front or back of the bra - so you'll never feel them.


Bras with molded cups encapsulate, or surround, each breast the way an everyday bra does, providing support and a more flattering silhouette, but also fighting bounce with a certain degree of compression. They're ideal for larger-chested women.

Molded Cups

This method of bounce minimization involves flattening your breasts against your chest, usually with a reinforced inner panel. Most sports bras designed for smaller-breasted women who do low-impact activities work through compression.



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