Lululemon's newest creation has been five years in the making and is their most-tested bra to date.

By Jaclyn Hendricks
July 14, 2021
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Credit: Lululemon

Let's face it: Finding the perfect sports bra can feel like an endless battle. Sometimes, you may compromise comfort for style or vice-versa. But what if you no longer had to?

Lululemon has launched its new AirSupport Bra (Buy It, $98,, which vows to deliver high performance support alongside a light-as-air sensation, perfect for athletes with C-DDD cup sizes doing high-impact activities, such as running.

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Credit: Lululemon

"If you're out there trying to be athletic, you need things that are going to support you. It moves right with the body. It's that synergy, that perfect motion," said bra tester Vasha, who wears a 32D cup, in the Lululemon news release.

The AirSupport Bra has been five years (!) in the making, following tons of research done by the brand on breast movement and movement management. The team also spent two years in the design and testing phase with runners, amassing up to 576 miles and 217 experiences through a variety of environments to ensure maximum performance and comfort through the cold, dry air, heat, and humidity.

Currently available in three colors (Tidewater Teal/Vapor, Black/Asphalt Grey, and Brier Rose/Pink Puff), the AirSupport Bra features a honeycomb pattern of injected foam technology which adds a breathable lift to reduce bounce and pressure on the straps — which are padded and adjustable -— meaning, you won't experience the often painful discomfort of straps digging into your shoulders. The bra also has a hook-and-eye closure in the back so it's easier to get on and off.

Credit: Lululemon

To achieve a personalized and airy fit, Lululemon also used its proprietary performance fabric, Ultralu, which is ultra-smooth, quick-drying, and not too constrictive. Beyond the AirSupport Bra, Ultralu can be found in other Lululemon pieces, including the Enlite Bra Zip Front (Buy It, $108,, Swift Speed Bra (Buy It, $88,, and the Enlite Hydraffinity Vest (Buy It, $178,

Unsure of your bra size? Not to worry, as Lululemon has a handy size guide to determine what will fit best. (And don't worry — if you're a small cup size and don't fit into Lululemon's new release, one of these other best sports bras for every body will surely be a perfect match.)

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Credit: Lululemon