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The Best Running Hats for Women You Can Wear In Any Climate

Under Armour Fly-By Cap

under armour women's running hat

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Made for hot summer long runs, this hat is lightweight, fast-drying, and stretchy to conform to your head. The reflective logo also increases visibility during late-night runs. The pastel shades are so cute, you'll want to wear one for your run and keep wearing it when you're done.

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Photo: Under Armour

Brooks Running Greenlight Beanie

brooks greenlight running beanie

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If you're looking for warmth rather than shade, check out this super-soft, on-trend beanie ($30, With merino wool and polyester, it's just cozy enough to keep out a chill but not thick enough to make your ears sweat.

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Photo: Brooks Running

Nike Dri-Fit Featherlight Cap

nike running hat women's

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This classic ballcap comes in a variety of colors so you can match any mood or running outfit. It features mesh paneling for airflow and an adjustable back to customize the fit to your head. (Related: Did You Know Has a Killer Activewear Selection—Including Nike?)

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Photo: Nike

Tillak Wallowa Trail Running Hat

tillak trail running hat womens

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This outdoorsy trucker hat is ideal for trail running, hiking, or lounging around camp—the durable, packable, and quick-drying nylon and mesh mean you can wear it for all three of those activities in one day without a worry. (Related: 10 Trail Running Shoes to Help You Tackle Any Trail)

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Photo: Amazon

Sweaty Betty Rapid Run Beanie

sweaty betty rapid run running hat beanie

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With enough slouch to give you some hipster cred, but not so much that it will flap wildly behind you as you run, what more could you ask for from a beanie? If you're thinking "quick-drying, light-but-warm merino wool" sounds kind of high-maintenance, don't worry. This cute beanie still delivers.

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Photo: Sweaty Betty

Calia by Carrie Underwood Women's Performance Convertible Beanie

calia running hat headband and neck warmer

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Meet: The most versatile of all the running hats in your wardrobe. The soft, stretchy fleece fabric can be pulled over your head like a beanie or folded into a headband. It can also be worn around your neck like a buff. (Here's more winter sorkout gear that stands up to any weather.)

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Photo: Dick's Sporting Goods

Athleta Cold Weather Training Reflective Headband

athleta running hat headband

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A winter headband is ideal for topknot enthusiasts and moderate-climate runners alike. This version is lined for warmth and features light reflecting details for low-light runs, which TBH is all runs in winter.

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Photo: Athleta

Columbia Sportswear Caldorado Beanie Running Hat

columbia beanie running hat

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It's estimated you lose 10 percent of your heat through your head, so a running hat is imperative in the winter to avoid the chills. This simple fleece cap also comes in black, but we're partial to the eye-catching Melonade, inspired by 2019's color of the year. (Related: Cold-Weather Workout Accessories You Need)

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Photo: Columbia Sportswear

New Balance Performance Visor

new balance running hat visor

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In the blazing hot sun, you want a running hat that blocks the sun but won't make your head hotter—so opt for a visor. This one has an anti-glare and curved brim to keep the sun out of your eyes.

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Photo: New Balance

Lululemon Forget The Shivers Beanie

lululemon running hat winter

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A running hat needs to keep your head warm—without trapping sweat—and stay put through windy/rainy/snowy conditions. This beanie fits the bill with breathable fabric, reflective detailing, and a hole to thread your ponytail through.

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Photo: Lululemon

Brooks Run Happy Sherpa Hat

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Shield your eyes from the run while broadcasting your positive mantra. The internal sweat-wicking band around the rim keeps sweat from dripping in your eyes.

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Photo: Brooks


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