I Finally Found a Solution to Thigh Chafing On Long Summer Runs

Enter: Sweaty Betty's biker shorts.

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Shape Certified: Sweaty Betty Biker Shorts
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As a seasoned runner, I've grown accustomed to the pitfalls that come with the exercise. There are busted toe nails, achy knees, and digestion woes, but one negative aspect of running that I refuse to put up with any longer is chafed thighs. When I run outside during the summer and switch my trusty leggings for shorts, it's one requirement that matters more than any other: no chafing allowed.

Long-distance runs often cause my shorts to ride up, leaving my thighs exposed and rubbing against one another (or on the material of one side of my shorts). On more than one occasion, I've been left with painful scabs on my inner thighs because I wore the wrong shorts. While hot days tempt me to wear as little clothing as possible, I know I'll be happier if I stick with longer biker shorts that stay put and protect my inner thighs — and my favorite this season is Sweaty Betty's Power High-Waisted Biker Shorts. The brand sent me a pair to test out earlier this summer, and they've been my go-to ever since.

Sweaty Betty Power High-Waisted Biker Shorts Key Features

  • How I tested: I've worn the shorts on multiple outdoor runs and to a few workout classes over the past two months.
  • Perfect for: Exercising in comfort (and feeling cute!).
  • What you'll love: The hem of the shorts doesn't ride up, and the waistband won't slip down.
  • Keep in mind: Dark underwear may be visible when worn under the pink color of the shorts, which I own.
  • How it fits: True to size. The shorts have a 9-inch inseam that hits right above my knees; they offer a snug fit around the thighs and stay put on my curvy hips. Although the high-rise waistband is just a tad loose on my smaller waist, I never have to adjust it to keep the shorts from sagging down.

Sweaty Betty Power High-Waisted Biker Shorts

Shape Certified: Sweaty Betty Biker Shorts

Sweaty Betty Power High-Waisted Biker Shorts Review

I first tested out these high-waisted biker shorts at a workout class in early June at the Ness, a trampoline studio in New York. Since then, they've quickly become one of my favorite pairs of shorts to wear while exercising, especially running. They're relatively thin and lightweight, but they have a magical ability to stay put.

The most impressive aspect of these biker shorts is that the hem doesn't scrunch up my thighs as I run (not once have I had to pause my workout to adjust the shorts to prevent chafing). Although the 9-inch inseam is a bit longer than I prefer in terms of style, they are so comfortable that I don't mind the extra length. The high waistband is a tad too big on my waist (a common clothing issue I run into with my body type), but it still provides enough support to stay put. No sagging crotch here!

The shorts are made of sweat-wicking material that's comfortable to wear in even the sweatiest conditions. They also have slim side pockets and a hidden back pocket in the waistband that's large and secure enough to hold keys or a credit card and ID. Bonus: I typically wear a size medium in workout leggings and shorts, and this pair from Sweaty Betty fits true to size.

Shape Certified: Sweaty Betty Biker Shorts
Christie Calucchia

Since owning the shorts, I've put them in the washing machine multiple times and they still look good as new. I even tossed them in dryer without realizing the tag advises not to tumble dry them, and they turned out just fine.

Lastly, I love the bright pink color — barbie pink is certainly having a moment, and these let me have a little fun with my workout fits. You can also order them in neutral black, a graphic color-blocked pattern, and more options. If you're looking for a pair of biker shorts to wear to yoga, Pilates, outdoor runs, or hot girl walks, these are worth the buy. And I'm not the only one who thinks so: Dozens of shoppers have left the biker shorts rave reviews.

"Absolutely love them, amazing fit and no slipping, so I don't have to keep hiking them up," wrote one person. "I use my shorts for strength training and they are not see through at all. Very comfortable and I love the small pocket for my mobile," said another.

Head to Sweaty Betty to grab a pair of the Power High-Waisted Biker Shorts for yourself to wear for the rest of summer.

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