Workout gear made from coffee grounds promises a more sustainable sweat.


High-tech gym gear makes any sweat session so much easier. Sweat-wickers? Check. Stink-fighters? Yes please. Temperature control fabrics? A must. With a range of super-techy options out there, classic cotton tees just don't compare when it comes to getting through an intense workout. But rather than use futuristic synthetics to score a better sports bra, a new crop of activewear is using natural, sustainable methods to develop eco-friendly gear with major workout-friendly benefits. One surprising sustainable material? Coffee.

Made from 100% recycled materials

To prove that organic cotton tees aren't your only option for eco-friendly gym gear, Sundried developed a 100 percent sustainable fabric made from recycled coffee grounds with some majorly high-tech benefits. Not only is coffee a natural odor blocker-who wouldn't rather smell like cold brew after a killer HIIT class?-it's also naturally antibacterial, plus it's a UV blocker and dries 200 times quicker than cotton. In other words, you'll be stink-free, sweat-free, and sun-free through your entire workout. (We have more creative ways to use coffee here.)

Here's how it works: Using a method first developed in 2008, coffee clothing is made from waste naturally produced by making coffee. Those used grounds, which typically end up in the trash after you order your morning cup of Joe, are processed in a low-temperature, high-pressure environment to make yarn, which is then woven into a high-tech fabric. Not only is the tee made from 100 percent recyclable materials, the manufacturing process is more eco-friendly than most. Talk about a sustainable sweat. Next up, the company is working on a line of activewear made from recycled water bottles.

Made from 100% recycled materials

In case you're wondering if a coffee-based fabric might feel like cardboard, the super-soft tees boast a four-way stretch that will move with you whether you're going for a run, sweating through a spin class, or enjoying a particularly stretchy yoga session. ($63;