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The Rock's New Collection for Under Armour Will Bring Out Your Inner Beast


There's just something about Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. All at the same time, he's like the cool uncle/hunky boyfriend/all-knowing mentor who will coach you through an epic action movie training montage. He's a giant muscular teddy bear who crushes it in everything from Disney's Moana to HBO's Ballers and The Fast and the Furious series—and he's always the perfect mix of get-shit-done and chill. And that doesn't even include his past life as a WWE wrestler or as a football player for the University of Miami or in the Canadian Football League. (And he's a dad, you guys!)

If here's one thing that's always held true throughout The Rock's nonstop life, it's being fit AF. And starting today, you can snag the perfect workout wear to channel all the awesomeness that is The Rock during every gym session, because he just released a full collection of workout clothes. The Project Rock Under Armour collection is basically guaranteed to bring out your inner beast.

Apparel in the Project Rock line has previously been available mostly for men, offering just a few graphic tees for women. But now it offers up everything from leggings and sports bras to gym duffels and baseball hats, all of it beyond perfect for crushing it in the weight room, just like The Rock himself. (Seriously it's time to get more females near the free weights.)

UA The Rock collection

The no-nonsense collection is perfect for days when you need to turn the hustle up and all that other noise way down. It includes graphic tees with some of The Rock's signature motivators: "Hardest worker in the room" and "Humble, Hungry," plus some American flag gear that's part of Under Armour's "Freedom" philanthropic initiative. Everything is plastered with the word "Respect" and his signature "Brahma Bull" logo. (Which, apparently means anything from "The pinnacle of human evolution, there is none better than him. He is truly a God among men" to "A man who's still hot, aged 40-55, that women 10-15 years younger, swoon over,"...according to Urban Dictionary, at least.)

UA The Rock collection

"I've been putting in the sweat for over a year to design and engineer the best-in-class training gear with our partners at Under Armour; training in literally every single piece of our collaboration until it passes the test and I'm satisfied," said Johnson in a press release. "Our New Project Rock Collection will make you feel more ambitious, hungry, powerful, and motivated to achieve your goals than ever before, and most importantly, have fun in the process."

You can grab these pieces right now on Under Armour's website. Slipping them on (and following The Rock on Instagram) is the only workout motivation you'll ever need.

UA The Rock


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