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These Aren't Your Average Animal Print Leggings

Goat Leggings

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If you thought goat yoga was brilliant, these goat yoga leggings will put you over the edge. ($96;

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Photo: Evolve Fit Wear

Shark Leggings

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Just yes. Hammerhead sharks and great whites may be the ultimate animal print ($25;

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Photo: ModCloth

Elephant Leggings

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They aren't just elephant leggings. They're elephants-wearing-flower-crowns leggings. ($72;

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Photo: Yoga Outlet

Beagle Leggings

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Leggings with beagles practicing their down dog? Sold. Dog lovers will line up to compliment you after class. ($34;

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Photo: Society6

English Bulldog Leggings

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Name your favorite dog breed, and there's probably a pair of leggings for you. At a lower price point, these still offer moisture wicking and antimicrobial fabric with an adjustable waistline. ($34;

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Photo: Society6

Flamingo Leggings

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The flamingos create a vibrant color combo that is so on point. Bonus: There's a matching sports bra. ($129;

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Photo: Byron and Bronte

Leopard legging

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Will the real cheetah print please stand up? The Serengeti legging is hand-printed with a high waistband ($129;

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Photo: Byron and Bronte

Swallow Leggings

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Swallows symbolize affection and love. What could be better when you're saying namaste? The fabric dries fast and regulates moisture, so you can get your sweat on no matter what kind of workout. ($129;

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Photo: Byron and Bronte

Lion Leggings

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Maybe it's race day, or maybe you just need a mood boost. These lion leggings will make you feel extra fierce when you need it. ($129;

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Photo: Byron and Bronte

Giraffe Leggings

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Look closely and you'll see two giraffes with their heads in the clouds. ($38;

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Photo: Sea of Wolves Design

Cat Leggings

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For all the cat people out there, these funky cat face leggings are purrfect for yoga or just showing off while your run errands. ($51;

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Photo: The Power of Greyskull


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