Thinx Launched New Period-Friendly Activewear

Whether you're working out or just feel like lounging, you can try out the brand's absorbent leggings, shorts, and leotard.

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Thinx Activewear
Photo: Thinx

Thinx has remained at the forefront of the period underwear trend, which has helped a lot of people use fewer disposable period products in favor of more sustainable absorbent undies. If you're one of the brand's many fans, you might already like wearing Thinx underwear when working out on your period. But now, you have the option of going commando while taking advantage of Thinx's period-absorbing technology, thanks to a new Thinx Activewear launch. (The brand also has an FDA-cleared reusable tampon applicator.)

While Thinx already has workout-friendly period shorts, the company is now rolling out a more extensive activewear collection. Consisting of leggings (Buy It, $95,, bike shorts (Buy It, $75,, a leotard (Buy It, $75,, and training shorts (Buy It, $65, in black, gray, and "kale" green, the collection meets a broader range of workout and style preferences. Each item in the collection is made with quick-dry, four-way stretch fabric that provides light compression.

Thinx Leggings

Thinx Leggings

According to Thinx, the new activewear ranges from absorbing the equivalent of two regular tampons' worth of blood (in the case of the bike shorts) to five regular tampons' worth (with the training shorts and leotard). This means that depending on your flow, you might be able to get away with wearing one pair or several throughout the day with no leakage. (And when it comes to sweaty workouts, maybe you'd always change clothes regardless.)

If you need more reinforcement, you can always use Thinx Activewear as added protection with a pad, tampon, or menstrual cup. (

It's safe to say that a lot of people value comfort and convenience during their period, and the Thinx Activewear pieces feature details that deliver on both counts. The leotard has a built-in light-support sports bra and extra-stretchy one-inch straps. The training shorts have a back zippered pocket for holding things like keys and credit cards. The leggings and bike shorts both have a pocket on the front that can hold a small heating pad — an element that might just have you buying multiples, even if you never work out on your period. (ICYMI: Thinx's First National Ad Campaign Imagines a World Where Everyone Gets Periods — Including Men)

For now, you can shop the new activewear at, and the collection will be available at Nordstrom by the end of January.

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