The styles were designed with a new FDA-approved "bioceramic" technology, which uses infrared energy to help boost strength, stamina, and recovery.

By Macaela Mackenzie
July 18, 2018

If you've ever dreamt of upping your fitness game by doing nothing more than putting on your workout clothes (like on all those days when you planned to go to the gym but sat on the couch in yoga pants instead), Under Armour wants to make that pipe dream a reality. Their latest collection of post-workout clothes has infrared technology built into the fabric and designs.

Today, the brand launched a game-changing collection of post-workout gear made with a totally new kind of tech designed to help your muscles recover faster, build strength and stamina, and restore energy. (Under Armour even has you covered when it comes to get-sweaty inspo. Just check out how the brand celebrates badass female athletes.)

How is this athleisure witchcraft possible, you ask? The new collection is made with a specially woven fabric called Celliant-an FDA-approved technology that uses a blend of minerals woven invisibly into the fabric to reflect your body's natural heat back to you as infrared light. Wait, reflecting your body heat back to you after a sweaty workout? This process doesn't actually make you hot-instead, the infrared rays (a type of light energy, not heat) help to promote better blood flow, and therefore oxygen, to fatigued muscles.

Photo: Under Armour

It's this micro-boost in circulation that has a major effect on recovery after a tough workout. The increased oxygen in your tissues can help improve energy and stamina; provide a stronger performance at the gym; and better, faster recovery after an intense workout. (When you are too sore to get back to your regular gym routine, do an active recovery workout.)

The new pieces come after UA launched their Active Recovery pajamas last year, which are said to help you sleep your way to improved fitness (a fave pick of Tom Brady). The new styles include compression leggings, hoodies, shorts, tops, and bomber jackets, and prices range from $40 to $200. Everything is available right now at (Related: 7 Essential Strategies for Post-Workout Recovery)

Photo: Under Armour

So, while you might not be able to build your dream bod while binging on Netflix, you can at least know that if you worked out that morning (or even the day before), these clothes will do some of the recovery and rebuilding work for you.

So, if your next fitness goal is to work out like Under Armor ambassador The Rock, putting on a cozy infrared hoodie after a heavy lifting session could get you one step closer. (Related: The Rock's New Collection for Under Armour Will Bring Out Your Inner Beast)

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