They gently vibrate to guide you into alignment.

By Julia Malacoff

Practicing yoga on your own at home is an easy way to sneak in a workout on a crazy day-or on a limited budget. But if you're a total beginner, it can be tough to know if you're doing the poses correctly. If you've ever attempted an at-home flow and thought "Are my legs supposed to be burning like this?!" or "This doesn't feel like a natural position for my body to be in..." technology has an answer for you.

Photo: Wearable X

Enter: Wearable X, the creators of Nadi X, a super-high-tech pair of yoga pants. With sensors built in around the hips, knees, and ankles, these pants gently vibrate as you move through poses to help guide you into alignment. They can tell if your hips are level or properly stacked, if your stance is wide or narrow enough, or whether your feet need to be turned more in or out. Of course, they can't sense what's going on with your arms, but chances are if your legs are in the right position, your arms are following close behind. The pants are powered by a small, removable battery pack that attaches near the inner knee, which means they're easy to wash in between uses. (Looking for a *different* kind of twist on your practice? People in Canada are doing yoga with bunnies. Yup, for real.)

So how do the pants know which pose you're attempting, exactly? There's an app for that. The yoga pants sync with the Nadi X app via Bluetooth, which allows the sensors to figure out what you're ~supposed~ to be doing. Once you're set up with the app, you can choose to learn individual poses, and later in 2018, you'll be able to go through a guided flow where the leggings basically do the work of showing you which poses to do or try out a preloaded playlist of poses. No matter what you choose, the pants have your back.

Photo: Wearable X

What's more, the leggings are actually cute enough to rock off the mat. You can choose from four different on-trend colorways, from classic navy to black and white color-blocked versions with mesh. While the $179 price tag isn't exactly cheap, these are a great investment for anyone who is really looking to improve her yoga practice at home and isn't totally sure where to start.


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