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We Can't Stop Obsessing Over @MeaganKong's Workout Style

Damn Good Intentions

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Channel your focus and energy like @meagankong and work out with intention. This buff babe has our attention in that bright pink sports bra.

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Patterned sports bra, lightweight jacket, and a serious game face? Check, check, and check. @meagankong's ab game is, in one word, strong, and we're, in one word, jealous.

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Sporty Chic

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Meagan means business, and so does her athletic attire. Get like her and throw on some high-waisted leggings and a jacket for layering.

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Maximum Support

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Let's be honest, no way would we look that good doing a handstand without falling on our face. We'll steal your style, but we'll leave the handstands to you, @meagankong.

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No Excuses

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Face the gym head-on like @meagankong. Whether it's Monday morning or the middle of the week, she has no excuses and neither should youโ€”her sports bra even says so.

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Go the Distance

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Become a running addict like @meagankong and give yourself an excuse to invest in some new workout threads. Who are we kidding? Get some new kicks while you're at it too.

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