Weightlifting and Bodybuilding Clothing Brands That'll Inspire You to Lift Heavy

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Athleisure porn for those who want to look tough and lift heavy.

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Doughnuts and Deadlifts

doughnuts and deadlifts weightlifting and bodybuilding clothing brand workout clothes
Doughnuts & Deadlifts

This weightlifting clothing brand is all about ~balance~. As a "lifestyle brand for lifters & eaters," Doughnuts & Deadlifts is just as much about badass lifting as they are about equally impressive doughnut eating—and their Instagram feed is proof. (Bonus: One of their ambassadors, pictured, made our list of amazing IG lifters to follow.)

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Last Set Co.

last set co bodybuilding clothing brand
Last Set Co

You know how that last set of an exercise will challenge you, change you, and give you the ultimate endorphin rush? Imagine that, embodied in a clothing brand. Last Set Co. is all about the gains—and looking good while you're getting them.

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Live Fit Apparel

live fit apparel bodybuilding weightlifting workout clothes
Live Fit Apparel

Live Fit Apparel—aka LVFT—is the athleisure lifestyle brand that makes you look tough in the weight room, but looks just as good on the beach with cutoffs or styled with a pair of jeans. From crop tops to joggers and baseball jerseys, the brand is repped by lots of lifters, and looks good on all shapes and sizes.

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Fat Bar Apparel

fat bar apparel bodybuilding weightlifting clothing brands
@fatbarapparel Instagram

Proud of being strong AF? (You should be—these ladies are proof that it's damn sexy.) Top off your killer confidence with a shirt that shows it from Fat Bar Apparel. With workout and lounge tops declaring things like "whiskey & weights" and "I enjoy romantic walks to the taco truck," you can literally wear your heart, appetite, and attitude on your sleeve.

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Do You Even

bodybuilding weightlifting clothing brands do you even
@doyoueven Instagram

Stemming from the phrase "Do you even lift?" the Do You Even brand is bold, sassy, sexy, and right on-trend. Think: pockets, seamless leggings, and peek-a-boo mesh. Their ladies' picks are perfect for grabbing a co-ord outfit that looks great with dumbbells and barbells alike. (Here, other matching sets hand-picked by Shape editors.)

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Alphalete Athletics

alphalete athletics bodybuilding weightlifting clothing brands
@alphalete Instagram

Alphalete Athletics isn't a loud and in-your-face brand, but their workout wear looks like quality stuff—and their mission is to inspire you to be a quality athlete. "An Alphalete is an individual who inspires others to learn more, dream more, and be more," according to the brand. Now​ that is a philosophy we can get behind.

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Gym Shark

gymshark bodybuilding weightlifting clothing
@gymshark Instagram

This UK-based brand has teamed up with several Instagram fit-fluencers (like the #ladieswholift above) to show off their timeless collection of workout wear. Gym Shark is all about high-quality, trendy workout wear that leaves you free to be a total animal in the gym. (Plus, their leggings make your butt look amazing. We know, because we tested them.)

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Belle & Bell

bell belle weightlifting workout clothing brand
@belleandbell Instagram

Belle & Bell is the girls-meets-iron brand you've been waiting for. Sassy t-shirts with slogans like "I lift a latte" and "love thigh-self" go perfectly with their heart-shape kettlebell logo. Who says all lifting brands need to be dude-friendly? We love that this one is all about the #girlpower.

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Girls Who Powerlift

girls who powerlift weightlifting clothing brands
@GirlsWhoPowerlift Instagram

Speaking of girl power, the Girls Who Powerlift brand will give you all the feels: Their mottos—"Uplift and lift heavy" and "Strong is beautiful"—are the perfect foundation for the female Instagram powerlifting community. (Want to see exactly who's part of the movement? Check out these super-strong powerlifting women on Instagram.)

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Caffeine and Kilos

caffeine and kilos weight lifting clothing
Caffeine and Kilos

Lifting brand Caffeine and Kilos isn't just about heavy weights and clothes that match. It's about the coffee that fuels the lifts too. With edgy apparel and a coffee named "PR Blend," they're all about getting you where you want to be in the weight room. And when one of their sponsored athletes is Olympian Morghan King (pictured), you can't help but want to give their coffee and crop tops a try.

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Dedfit Apparel

dedfit workout clothing weightlifting bodybuidling
@dedfit_apparel Instagram

Dedfit is actually short for "Dedicated Fitness," and represents growing to your personal full potential by staying dedicated to fitness. One of the best ways to do that might just be investing in super-cute workout clothes with motivational sayings to match—like Dedfit's "Leave Me Alone" series (which will ensure that no one—especially mansplainers—gets in the way of your workout).

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Fleo Shorts

fleo shorts weightlifting clothing brands
@FleoShorts Instagram

Fleo Shorts is the USA-made shorts company that actually understands what it's like to work out in spandex booty shorts—and is a fave of lifters on social media and IRL. Their shorts stretch in four different ways and come in crazy colors and patterns to fit your every whim. Plus, they're made for strong, curvy, slender athletes of all shapes and sizes: "We believe that when you free your skin and let your thighs out, you have the power to achieve more. We're here to do work, chase dreams, and celebrate cake! Uninhibited." Can we get an amen?

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