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These Workout Shorts Will Change Your Mind About Exercising In Shorts

Trail Running: Outdoor Voices Ready Set Short

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Hot summer runs really do require the most lightweight, breathable activewear you can find, and these workout shorts were made specifically for sunny days on the trail. The liner is super smooth for maximum comfort, flatlock seams prevent chafing, and a sturdy waistband keeps them from riding up or down. Oh yeah, and they're super cute. ($65;

(FYI, here's how to score the seriously awesome benefits of trail running.)


Photo: Outdoor Voices

Boxing: Reebok Combat 2-in-1 Short

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For a boxing class, you want shorts that are super sweatproof and won't restrict your movement in any way. Looser shorts tend to be more popular for boxing aficionados, but these provide an extra layer of security with built-in compression shorts. So no matter how you move, you're covered. ($50;

Photo: Reebok

Hot Yoga: Onzie La Coqueta Bottoms

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If you're into hot yoga, you know that generally, the less clothing you're wearing, the more comfortable you're going to be. But not everyone wants to rock teeny tiny booty shorts, which is totally understandable. These workout shorts feature an adjustable side tie. Granted, they're still shorts, but you have control over exactly ~how~ short you want to go. Bonus: They're made from swimsuit material, so you don't have to worry about sweating up a storm. ($48;


Photo: Nordstrom

Barre: Michi Kinetic Short

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Shorts aren't a common choice in barre classes, but when the weather heats up, sometimes it's tough to imagine pulling on full-length leggings. Because of the mesh panels on these, they occupy a happy medium between leggings and short-shorts, making them ideal for those who aren't super into the shorts look but want to stay cool. ($105;

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Photo: Michi

HIIT: NikeLab Aeroswift Mesh-Trimmed Dri-Fit Shorts

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These work well for high-intensity interval training since a barely-there compression short underlayer keeps your butt covered during burpees and tuck jumps. ($95;


Photo: Net-a-Porter

Weightlifting: Lululemon Train Times Shorts 6"

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For CrossFit and weight room enthusiasts alike, this mid-length style is a nice alternative to teeny-tiny shorts. They're completely opaque, so you don't have to wonder whether everyone can see through them when you squat. And they even have a credit card and key pocket in the waistband, so you can go bag-free if needed. ($58;

(BTW, do you know how often should you do heavy weightlifting workouts? We asked experts to find out.)

Photo: Lululemon

Cycling: Shebeest Petunia Short

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Okay, yeah. These are a little pricey, but for cycling shorts that have a chamois and are actually cute, they're a steal. ($110;

(Psst, get in on the Kim K fashion trend with these athleisure bike shorts you can wear anywhere.)


Photo: Shebeest


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