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A Couples Yoga Routine Your Guy Will Actually Love

Nothing says "Happy Valentine's Day" like stretching, breathing, and moving your body with your man. These yoga poses feel so awesome to do together that even the most yoga-skeptic guy will become a lover.

Pick a partner A and partner B (doesn't matter who's who) and do each of these poses for as long as they feel good. No pushing or forcing—communicate! Talk to each other, lean on one another, and figure out how to make each other feel great. (For a solo session, try these 14 yoga poses that will revamp your vinyasa routine.)

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Partner Seated Spinal Twist: Sit back-to-back in a comfortable cross-legged position. Both partners place right hand on the other's left thigh just above knee and left hand on own right knee. Coordinate your breathing: On each inhale, lengthen through spine, and on each exhale, twist a bit more. Come back through center and repeat on other side.

 Partner Bound Angle: Sit back-to-back. Touch soles of feet together and let knees fall apart (or cross legs). Take a few breaths with spines upright, leaning into each other. Partner A, start to lean back as partner B is gently pushed forward into a forward bend. (Communicate with each other so you know what feels good.) Breathe here. Slowly return to start position and repeat with partner B leaning back and partner A forward bending. Breathe. Slowly return to start position.
 Tandem Boat: Sit facing each other. Bend knees and press soles of feet together. Clasp each other's hands. Keeping feet together, slowly lean back, lengthening legs and reaching feet upward to a modified boat pose. Breathe here (it's a challenging and tricky balance pose, so have fun with it!), then release.
 Assisted Backbend: Stand back-to-back and hook elbows. Partner A, bend knees, engage core, and start to lean forward as partner B leans back into you. Trust each other. Eventually partner A will lean so far forward that partner B's feet come off the ground. Breathe here, moving any way that feels good. Release slowly and repeat, switching positions.

Tip: It's critical for the base partner to keep very bent knees. This move should be felt in the legs of the base partner, not the back. If this doesn’t feel good, release out of the move slowly and skip it.

 Partner Dancer: Stand facing each other. Hold each other's right hand. Both partners, soften through knees and shift weight onto right leg. Bend left knee and grab inside of left calf or ankle with left hand. Gently press left shin into left hand, opening back. Reach right arms up to balance in dancer pose. Gaze at each other. (It’s okay to laugh!) Release. Take hold of each other's left hands and repeat on opposite side.
 Partner Wide-Leg Seated Forward Bend: Sit facing each other with legs open wide. Partner A, press feet into partner B’s shins. Clasp each other's wrists with hands. Partner A, lean back as partner B eases into a forward bend. Breathe here, swaying a bit side to side. Reverse the movement back to start position and repeat, switching positions.
 Partner Long-Leg Forward Bend: Partner A, take legs long and together in front of you. Partner B, kneel behind partner A. Partner A, lean forward for long-leg forward bend. Partner B, place both hands on partner A's sacrum, leaning into his/her back. Slowly move hands up partner A's back to shoulders. Give partner A a shoulder massage. Lean torso fully onto Partner A's torso. If this all feels good, sit back-to-back and partner B, slowly recline onto partner A's back. Don't go beyond where this feels great. Relax and breathe, then switch positions.
 Supine Partner Spinal Twist: Partner B, lie down on back. Hug both knees into chest. Lengthen right leg long and twist left knee to the right with arms extended to form a T with body. Partner A, stand over partner B. Place left foot lightly on partner B’s left buttock or top of thigh. Partner B, give right hand to partner A. Partner A, take partner B's right wrist in right hand. Take a big inhale. On exhale, Partner A lean back, lifting partner B's right shoulder from ground. Breathe here, then slowly unwind out of pose. Repeat on the other side, then switch positions.
 Savasana Neck Rub: Partner B, lie down on back, hug knees into chest, and release to savasana with feet mat-distance apart and arms relaxed to sides. Partner A, kneel behind partner B's head. Take hands to partner B's shoulders and lean into them lightly. Breathe. Release and take hands to both sides of partner B's head, placing thumbs along the sides of partner B's spine. Massage the neck. Take middle fingers to the ridge of partner B's skull and lean back a bit to lengthen spine. Release partner B’s head. Lean hands into partner B’s shoulders. Switch positions.



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