Do You Exercise More Than the Average American?

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Anyone who's ever run on a treadmill knows the silent competition that often goes on between you and the person next to you. Or maybe you thrive on eeking out one more squat than a classmate at CrossFit or holding plank longer than anyone else in Pilates. Whatever your competitive drive, now you can see how you stack up compared to the rest of the nation when it comes to exercising.

Watch retailer Timex surveyed more than 1,000 people on their fitness habits. They found that at least 73 percent of Americans report working out one or more times per week. Twenty-nine percent spend between 30 minutes and an hour working out, whereas 18 percent spend between one and two hours a day exercising. That said, 27 percent admitted they don't exercise regularly and 144 respondents said they never work out.

While some Americans squeeze in a workout during lunch and some are morning exercisers, most are afternoon or evening exercisers, with 48 percent reporting that they workout sometime after 9 a.m.

And Americans love their running (and why not? Check out 30 things we love about running!), with weight lifting and hiking coming in second and third place, respectively, as the most popular types of exercise.

Once they're finished working out, it's time to take a shower, natch. Forty-three percent of survey respondents spend 10 to 15 minutes in the shower, while 25 percent spend 20 to 30 minutes showering, and 10 percent spend more than half an hour (and to that 10 percent, we can't help but wonder: Thirty-plus minutes? Really? What are you doing in the shower? There's only one thing I can think of, and it doesn't involve washing your hair, so...).

You can check out the full results of the survey here. Now tell us: Do you need to step up your fitness game? Tweet us @Shape_Magazine or let us know in the comments below!

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