Try this fast and simple routine for a toned, sexy midsection.

Created By: Jeanine Detz, SHAPE Fitness Director

Level: Beginner

Works: Abdominals

Equipment: Exercise Mat

Send that muffin-top packing with this easy-to-follow workout made up of the Quadraped, Crunch and Side Crunch. While you're performing these exercises pay careful attention to form. Be sure to keep your rib cage closed throughout the program so that you're engaging your transverse abdominals and ensuring that your back is supported. You should also make sure that you're not holding your breath while performing these moves to avoid exhausting your body too quickly.

Do 1 set of 8 to 10 reps of each exercise, taking up to a minute to catch your breath between sets. As you get stronger, increase the intensity by doing 2 or 3 sets. When this workout feels easy, it's time to move on to our Intermediate Abs plan.