Try Stephanie Ruhle's strateegy for kicking off a fun weekend without feeling like you need to spend Saturday in the gym

Stephanie Ruhle

A typical Friday around 6 p.m. usually involves one of the following:

1. Taking my kids for pizza

2. Having a cocktail and some apps with my husband and friends

3. Cooking a special dessert to end our week on a sweet note

I thoroughly enjoy all of these activities, but none of them are particularly compatible with my scale and my skinny jeans. I know that I won't be heading to a gym or even out for a run by myself on a Friday night, so the challenge is finding something I truly want to do that also does my body some good. And this week, I nailed it!

My fit Friday night involved racing in a Ladies Stand-Up Paddle Challenge. It was super fun, super social, and while I didn't even come close to winning, it definitely did my body good.

The event was like a massive beach party, but unlike the typical scene of bikini-clad beach babes cheering on buff competitors, this time the ladies were in the water while the boys were simply spectators.

In this photo, I'm joined by The Island Surf & Sail master of ceremonies Jack Bushko and the super hot twin sisters who won the elite paddle division. The girls absolutely crushed it. Compared to my leisurely stroke, they looked like they had motors in their paddles (And they've got the bodies to prove that hard work pays off).

The takeaway: While neither my tush nor my race time qualifies me as elite, I'm just thrilled to be part of the game.

My daughter is officially three months old, and I swear she was pumped to see me cross the finish line. As for my two sons, they were just thrilled to hang out at a beach party with music and surf boards-without a single slice of Sicilian pizza.