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10 Activity Trackers That Make Counting Your Steps (And Then Some) Look Cool

Q Dreamer Sand Leather Activity

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Ditch your boring old band for something prettier. This sleek leather bracelet makes it easy to track your steps and calories without weighing down your wrist. ($95;

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Activité Pop Activity Tracker

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Track your sleep and wake up to a vibrating alarm thanks to this waterproof activity tracker. The coolest part is that it looks exactly like your everyday wristwatch. You'll have everyone wondering if you're a fashion guru or health nut. ($149.95;

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Sensoria Sports Bra + HRM

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Crush your workout wearing this hassle-free heart rate monitoring sports bra and get accurate and consistent analyses at the same time. No clunky accessories here! ($139;

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Sensoria Fitness Socks and Anklet

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If you're a running fiend, look no further. These smart socks go above and beyond typical activity trackers and let you check your cadence and foot landing proficiencies as well as speed, calories, altitude, steps, and distance. ($199;

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LEAF Rose Gold Edition

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Clip your LEAF on your sports bra, wear it as a pendant, or strap it onto a leather band for a trendy bracelet. It's the perfect tracker for women, since it predicts your period, fertile days, and ovulation—plus, you can use the LEAF guides for personalized meditation to overcome stress and calm your mind. ($149.99;

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Garmin Fenix 3

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Look sleek in and out of the gym with this Garmin activity tracker. It lets you switch from the treadmill to the pavement using the built-in GPS, and helps you make it home before the rain comes thanks to the weather app. ($499.99;

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Swarovski Activity Crystal Slake Set

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Track your daily grind in style with the Swarovski Activity Crystal. ($169;

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ŌURA Ring Arctic White

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Hate bracelets? Try this ring, and receive personalized recommendations from ŌURA. It monitors your physiological responses while you sleep by measuring your pulse waveform, heart rate, body temperature, and movement. ($299;

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Lower Body Package

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Introducing: a workout pant that eliminates all workout excuses! The 12 built-in sensors provide you with a breakdown of how hard your muscles are working throughout a sweat sesh, and the high-performance material reduces muscle fatigue and soreness during and after your killer workout. ($348;

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Hate carrying your credit cards around? Us too. Not only will this easy-to-wear wristband track your fitness but it can also pay for your post-run açaí bowl. ($149.99;

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