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10 Exercise Mats That Can Stand Up to Your Toughest Workouts

After This We're Getting Pizza Mat

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This exercise mat is guaranteed to keep you motivated through your workout—and it will support all of your moves. ($32;

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Harmony Mat

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Besides offering great traction and cushioning in this mat, Jade Yoga plants a tree for every mat sold (and donates $5 to ovarian cancer charities for every teal mat purchased)—a definite bonus to the eco-friendly exerciser. ($77.50;

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Vegabond Yoga Mat

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This mat isn't just for yoga—it can handle any intense position or workout thanks to its non-slip texture. Bonus: It's easy to keep clean and highly durable. ($70;

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Tone Fitness Anti-Microbial High Density Exercise Mat

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Great for toning and stretching, this exercise mat is moisture-resistant, easy to keep clean, and made to inhibit bacteria and fungus growth. ($14.96;

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Manduka Eko Lite 4MM

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This mat was made for hot yoga, with a closed-cell surface that keeps out moisture and sweat and stops bacteria from breeding—gross. It's also designed with sustainable engineering to ensure the high quality material will not peel, flake, or fade. ($68;

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Premium Citron Sundial Yoga Mat

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This durable and lightweight mat features a non-slip grip and five millimeters of premium cushioning to support you during any pose. ($29.98;

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Wildlings Cimarron

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This reversible mat is perfect for the eco-friendly exerciser—it's free of latex, rubber, and heavy metals. ($70;

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Marrakesh Premium Yoga Mat

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Premium foam technology offers amazing stability and added comfort, and the non-slip support will give you excellent grip and traction during your floor exercises. ($29.99;

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Think It, Want It, Get It Exercise Mat

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With a soft surface that provides great comfort, you'll be whipping out sit-ups, crunches, and leg lifts all day long. ($75;

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Nike Ultimate 8MM

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Nike integrated a microfiber towel into this mat for upgraded traction, and the eight millimeters of foam provides cushioning and support for lasting comfort. ($65;

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