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10 Yoga Blocks to Take Your Practice to the Next Level

Make This Your Go-to Prop

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Lift and lengthen your limbs and extend your reach with a Gaiam yoga block. Your poses will be on their way to perfection with this lightweight prop. The fun colors make things more interesting. ($10.98;

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Expand Your Reach

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You'll be one step closer to finding your Zen with this supportive yoga block. The egg shape conforms to your body, keeping your head and spine in perfect alignment for safety and comfort. ($19.95;

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Work Your Core with This Cork

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This no frills or fuss, high-performance yoga block is made from cork, so it offers solid structure and sustainability. ($16; (Psst..Have you heard about the yoga wheel? Here are 8 Brilliant Ways to Use a Yoga Wheel to Boost Your Practice.)

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Reclaim Your Zen

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Hey, eco-friendly friends, this one is for you. High in density, durability, and support, this recycled foam yoga block will uphold any pose. ($17.65;

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Perfect Your Poses

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Optimal alignment is key when practicing yoga. The Wonderblock can help increase your balance and control during demanding poses, so you'll feel more secure than ever. ($22;

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Pack This Block In Your Bag

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From half moon to bridge, this bright block will remind you to shine your heart forward in any pose. ($24;

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Align Your Amazing Bod

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Move into deeper stretches while getting full support from this foam prop. ($17;

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Reap the Benefits of a Bamboo Block

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Your fellow yogis will be wishing they had one of these. Made from bamboo, the hollow blocks are lightweight and comfortable for supported and restorative poses. ($24.95;

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Transform Your Flow

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Extend your range of motion during the most challenging asanas with this strategically shaped yoga block. Compact and portable, it can tag along to every class and be stored easily when it's not in use. ($28.38;

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Stay Calm and Practice On

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Get your posing practice on and hit the mat with this recycled foam block. Just the right amount of firm, durable, and slip-resistant, it'll have your back throughout your entire flow. ($16;

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