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10 Yoga Mats That Are Basically Works of Art

Pom Graphic Design Abstract Journey Circular Tribal Yoga Mat

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Holy mosaics! Looks like Pom stole their inspiration straight from stained glass windows, for an effect that's thoroughly modern. But what workout leggings do we have that won't clash with this? ($99;

Photo: Kess In House

Mara Hoffman Yoga Mat

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Mara Hoffman's signature kaleidoscopic print is dazzling, and this mat would look just as good as a statement rug in your living room. But when you are practicing, you'll be glad of the grippy surface and non-slip bottom, made from natural tree rubber. ($98;

Photo: Mara Hoffman

Sapphire Deco Yoga Mat

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Calming shades of blue make this blooming beauty the perfect surface to help you take your lotus pose to birds of paradise. See what we did there? ($98;

Photo: Magic Carpet Yoga Mats

Belize Printed Xtra Lite Mat

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Take your practice to the Caribbean—at least, in your mind's eye—with this geometric printed mat. The earthy, muted colors ensure that it will keep you rooted during your flow. P.S. It's lightweight enough that you can actually travel with it! ($65;

Photo: Prana

Yoga Design Lab Combo Mat

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The goal of Yoga Design Lab's founder was to create a mat as beautiful as it was functional. Eco-conscious materials? Check. A non-slip surface? Check? Stunning designs? Check, please! ($68;

Photo: Yoga Design Lab

La Vie Boheme Goddess Yoga Mat

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This Rohrschach-esque mat is a little bit vintage, a little bit modern art. Whichever ways it sways you, the abstract imagery is sure to help you open your mind during your practice. ($86;

Photo: La Vie Boheme

Eric Cahan Yoga Mat

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When Grey Area commissioned artists to design yoga mats, Cahan took inspiration from above (he's known for his Sky Series). This gorgeous scene is of an East Hampton sunset. ($80;

Photo: Grey Area

The Shag Yoga Mat

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Ah, sometimes you just want to dig your yogi toes into a soft, plush rug—OK, this isn't an actual shag, but you might be able to convince yourself it is in your meditative state. And the photo is so real, it might add a little balance challenge for you! ($80;

Photo: Plank

Wildlings Haleakala Yoga Mat

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This mat is so out of this world—the image was inspired by Maui's Haleakala Crater at sunrise—it's guaranteed to help you transcend your typical practice. Plus, it's made with high-density material for extra cushioning. ($75;

Photo: Wildlings

Kamuka Sunset Yoga Mat

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Ever wish you were saluting the sun from a white sand beach in Australia instead of your same ol' studio? The photo-realistic digital print on this mat—which is made with K-GRIP anti-slip technology—will almost make you feel as if you're there. ($129;

Photo: Kamuka


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