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10 Yoga Towels That Make You Want to Sweat It Out

The Towel

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Absorbent and super lightweight, this soft-to-the-touch yoga towel will help you hold your pose with ease and style ($42;

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Equa Hold Mat Towel

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No slipping here. With its quick-dry properties and special skidless technology, you'll never need to worry about anything but your breathing during your yoga sessions ($52;

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Gaiam Thirsty Yoga Mat Towel

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Opt for a yoga towel that covers your entire mat—like this Gaiam pick—for extra peace of mind during your extra-sweaty yoga sesh ($25;

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Yogitoes Chakra Yoga Mat Towel

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Not only will this towel come in handy during your sweatiest yoga session, but you can feel good about using it too. Sustainably made from recycled materials, this towel still gives you the softness, extra grip, and absorption you want ($51;

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Photo: YogaOutlet

Natural Fitness Yoga Hand Towel

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Don't break that pose with this bright and vibrant towel from Natural Fitness. This pick will capture all your sweat throughout your whole workout—without taking up too much space in your gym bag ($15;

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Vagabond Yoga Towel

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Add a fun print to your fitness class with this mat-size yoga towel from Vagabond. The unique dreamcatcher print and the no-slip grip will make for a safe and colorful workout ($64;

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Photo: Carbon38

Charcoal-Ash Yoga Towel

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Get a towel that is easy to care for but that'll still do its job time and time again. This find from YogaRat is made with 100 percent microfiber, meaning it'll soak up and stay put—keeping you safe from slipping or sliding ($25;

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Photo: YogaRat

Aqua NamaSTAY Yoga Towel

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Savasana without the sweat—on your mat that is. This NamaSTAY yoga towel stops the bunching and moving from your hot yoga sesh, so you can focus on your pose and be present ($54;

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Photo: NamaSTAY Towel

Dakota Hot Yoga Towel

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Get the most out of your yoga practice with this mat-length towel. Your perfect companion for any hot yoga session, this printed find will do everything—and soak up everything—you need it to ($50;

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Photo: Shopbop

Hot Yoga Towel-Geo Blue

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A yoga towel that dries in minutes? Check. Get this geo-printed yoga towel that's ultra-lightweight, won't take up too much space and rapidly absorbs. Bonus: It's made from eco-friendly inks ($39;

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Photo: Yoga Design Lab


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