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15 GIFs Every Fitness Tracker Addict Can Relate To

We love our fitness trackers. They’re cute, they inspire us to stay healthy, they’re conversation starters, and there’s one for every type of gym rat. 

But we have to admit, sometimes we might take this wearable worship a bit too far. Is it a bad thing to head out for a run not because we love the endorphin rush, but because we’re desperate to outpace our Fitbit friends? Is it sad that we feel legitimately upset when we have to turn in before we’ve hit our step goal for the day? If you’re a tracker fanatic too, we bet you’ve struggled with similar thoughts.

1. That blissful feeling when you’re on track to reach your daily step goal before noon.


2. The crushing disappointment you feel when you realize you forgot to put on your tracker before your run. What’s the point?!


3. Walking laps around your house before bed when you’re just a few hundred steps short of your step goal at the end of the day and can’t bear the thought of going outside for a walk.


4. Realizing that if you swing your arms excessively, you can sometimes add a few more steps onto your count.


5. Looking down during spin class and realizing that cycling isn’t counting toward your step goal. And being tempted to get off the bike then and there.


6. Being totally ready to head out on your run, then seeing that dreaded low battery signal and delaying the workout and hour or so to give your tracker time to charge.


7. Obsessively reviewing your data at least once a day.


8. On days you know you won’t be able to hit your step goal, “spontaneously” deciding to take a day off from your tracker.


9. The sense of pride and accomplishment you feel when you hit a new personal best.


10. And the shame you feel when you manage to take only 200 steps during an entire day.


11. Feeling tracker envy when you see someone with a newer model of your wearable, or a cooler color.


12. You can instantly estimate how many steps it’ll take you to walk any distance.


13. You suspect that if you keep parking in the farthest-away spots possible, your friends are going to stop going out with you.


14. The frustration you feel when you have to end your day on an annoyingly uneven number (9,978 steps—really?).


15. Secretly unfriending people on Strava or Fitbit because they consistently beat you and you can’t take the competition anymore.


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