$$$ spent on fitness is directly proportional to how fit you are, right?

By Lauren Mazzo
Updated: August 15, 2017

Foam rolling isn't always fun. In fact, most of the time it hurts like a mother. But maybe, just maybe, rolling with a 24K gold roller could make it somewhat bearable. (After all, better workout clothes equal a better workout. So maybe a fancy roller means better recovery??)

Lucky you: Tiger Tail USA (the company behind the hand-held Tiger Tail roller and other recovery products for "happy muscles") has officially launched the Tiger Tail 24K, a solid bronze roller coated in 24-karat gold that weighs in at about 5 pounds and-wait for it-$5,000. The roller is being custom manufactured for each customer, who can choose yellow gold, white gold, or, obv, rose gold (so hot right now).

Like all of Tiger Tail's rollers (and all foam rollers in general), it's used for self-myofascial release (self-massage) to loosen and relax muscles, relieving minor muscle knots, aches, muscle spasms, and stiffness. ICYMI, myofascial release can do wonders for your workouts; it appears to have short‐term effects on increasing range of motion and decreasing delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS), according to a recent study published in the International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy. Plus, rolling pre-workout can help warm up your muscles and prime them for dynamic movement. (Here's a full foam rolling workout that helps you loosen up while you tone.)

However, the 24K roller has a few extra perks besides its super luxe look. The product promises trademarked Gription technology to help mobilize muscle and fascia (the connective tissue covering your muscles) to allow for "the Sticky Acid H (hyaluronic acid) to become more fluid-like, assisting with fascia glide and helping to remove myofascial restriction and adhesions," according to the company's press release.

If you want the extra oomph of the 24K roller but can't fork over a few grand, Tiger Tail is planning to release another model called the Tiger Tail S3, made of solid stainless steel and available for $499 starting in September.

While the idea of smoothing out your muscles with a shiny gold roller does seem utterly fabulous, the price tag (even for the upcoming S3) seems a bit ridic for the average fitness fiend. (Same for the rest of these crazy expensive workout items.) On the other hand, this isn't a roller you're going to want to hide in your gym bag. And if that means you'll use it more? Perhaps it is worth a pretty penny.



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