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5 Crazy New Activity Trackers

The Calorie-Counting Vacuum

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You’ve heard housework burns calories, and now you’ll know exactly how many with the Gtech AirRam vacuum! Simply plug the vacuum into a computer via a USB port to launch software that tracks how many calories your cleaning session burned. Now you can banish dirt, dust, pet hair, and last night’s pizza all at the same time.

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The Sadistic Wrist Band

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If your snooze button usually wins out over 7 a.m. spin class, or your 10 p.m. bedtime is too easily pushed aside by Game of Thrones, this innovative fitness band may be just what you need—if you’re like a little self-masochism. In addition to tracking your steps, activity, and sleep patterns, Pavlok delivers an electric shock when you fail to complete your pre-programmed goal, whether it’s to hit the gym, get in bed, meditate, or drink more water. This Pavlovian-style negative reinforcement is balanced by rewards, such as money or lottery tickets, when you follow through with your objective.

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The Fitness Device for Your Vagina

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You never thought wearable technology would go this far, but alas, it has. The KGoal Smart Kegel Trainer bills itself as a “FitBit for your vagina.” According to the Kickstarter page, this device helps guide, measure, and track pelvic floor muscle exercise—muscles that play a crucial role in pregnancy, bladder control, and sexual pleasure. Said to be "squishy" like a miniature pillow, the KGoal also features an internal motor for “real time vibrational biofeedback,” and apparently makes exercise “way more interesting.” Um, sure sounds like it!

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The High-Tech Headphones

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This may very well be the most advanced all-in-one fitness tracker yet. Designed by an ear, nose, and throat physician after years of study, FreeWavz are cordless headphones that hook around your ear—sans annoying wires—and track your heart rate, calories burned, distance traveled, duration of workout, and even exertion. You can control which metrics you want to hear reported and how often, and they can also be configured to partially tune into the environment, which comes in handy during long runs on busy streets.

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The Smart Socks

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Wearing the Sensoria Smart Sock Fitness Tracker is like having your own personal running coach—every step of the way. Snap on the electronic anklet, and built-in sensors in the socks will give you real-time auditory feedback about your stride, balance, landing position, and cadence. The info is sent to the mobile application, so you can check back for retrospective running analysis and more details that will help you improve your running style and achieve your goals. 

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