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7 Must-Have Fall Running Accessories

Lululemon Tech Gloves

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These running gloves are made with a super soft, sweat-wicking fabric perfect for chilly fall runs, plus they feature reflective details and tech-friendly fingertips so you never have to choose between warm hands and sending that text. ($28;

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Skullcandy Sweat Proof Ear Buds

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Skullcandy's recently launched Sport Performance collection will be your new go-to workout headphonesthey're lightweight and sweat proof, and the super sticky gel earbuds won't fall out, even after several hours of wear. ($30;

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Nike Racer Sunglasses

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These lightweight sunglasses stay comfortably put while running and boast 100 percent UVA and UVB protection, as well as special lens technology that offers a larger field of view for athletes. Plus, they're stylish enough to be worn all day. ($95;

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A bow-free, knot-free elastic lacing system that can fit into any running shoe and never comes untied. Really. ($15;

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FitKnix Thong

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If you've struggled to find the right underwear that won't ride up or chaffe, this seamless thong (it also comes in bikini and boyshort styles) from FitKnix made with moisture-wicking, anti-microbial LYCRA fabric from will be your new go-to. The true test? We forgot we had them on. ($30;

Photo: FitKnix

New Balance Socks

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This sock combines all of the attributes you could ever want: moisture-wicking, vented panels, and smooth seams, plus the Merino wool blend makes them super soft and durable. ($13;


Photo: New Balance

Under Armour Beanie

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Stay both warm and dry with this reflective beanie that features a thermo-conductive lining that absorbs and retains body heat. It also has a built-in spot for your pony-tail. ($30;

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