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7 Sporty and Stylish Sunglasses for Summer

Best for: A Jam-Packed Day

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Oakley Feedback: A modern take on classic aviators, these lenses offer full protection and a chic look that’s perfect for any outdoor activity or everyday errand. Plus, the no-snag nosepads prevent long hair from getting caught in the glasses when you slide them on top of your head when you go inside. It’s the little things that make the biggest difference, right? ($150;

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Best for: Your Budget

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Knockaround Premium: If you’re can’t keep track of a pricey pair for more than two days (you're not alone!), look no further than Knockaround’s killer selection of sporty shades, starting at just $14. These chic specs come in a ton of bright color combos and will protect your eyes with UV400 protection, which is ideal whether you're going for a jog or just walking to work. And at these fab prices, you can get more than one pair to match any outfit! ($14 and up;

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Best for: Picking up Speed

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Guideline Spray: If you’re trying to improve your 15K time, these high-performance shades will go the distance. The polarized lenses feature unique venting to allow airflow, and the polycarbonate frame is lightweight and durable. And if you happen to jump in the pool post-ride or run and forget to take them off? They’ll be easy to find thanks to the floating nose pads. ($50;

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Best for: Taking in the View

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Smith Lowdown: Constructed with Titanium, these frames are super durable and ultra lightweight. The ChromaPop technology featured in the polarized lenses enhances colors, adds definition to whatever you’re looking at, and reduces eye strain. Don these on your next hike, boat ride, or bike trip to make the vistas look more brilliant than ever before. ($209;

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Best for: Your Eye Health

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SPY Leo: These lightweight and stylish shades features Spy’s unique “Happy Lens” technology, which the company says will improve mood and alertness. The lenses let in the sun’s beneficial, long-wave blue light, which promotes production of mood-boosting serotonin, and block harmful UV rays and short-wave blue light. While the research on this is spotty, even if you don’t feel better, at least you’ll look better. (from $120;

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Best for: Getting Seriously Sweaty

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Tifosi Wisp: Made from flexible yet durable nylon material, these frames will hold up to the toughest training rides or runs. Water-absorbing rubber on the adjustable arms and nose pads ensure they’ll stay dry, tight, and comfortable no matter how much you sweat. And while some glasses only feature a thin coating of polarized material, these lenses come with embedded polarization, as well as a glare guard to help reduce eye strain. (from $60;

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Best for: Doing and Looking Good

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Panda Warhol: If you’re more into fashion trends than triathlons but still want a practical pair of shades for the summer, Panda has you covered. Not only does the company create hand-crafted, sustainable bamboo frames in a wide selection of chic styles, but with every purchase, they donate a free eye exam and pair of prescription glasses to someone in need through the nonprofit, Optometry Giving Sight. ($120;

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