Tracking is no longer reserved for runners and cyclists. Snow bunnies are officially in on the game.

By By Brooke Ely Danielson
Photo: Apple

The latest trackers and apps can give you all the stats on your last run, bike ride, swim, or strength workout (and even your last "workout" between the sheets). Finally, skiers and snowboarders can get in on the action, thanks to the latest launch from Apple.

Apple just released a software update (plus, new apps) that makes the Apple Watch Series 3 perfect for logging all your mountaintop adventures. Unlike previous models, the new Apple watch has an altimeter (an instrument that measures altitude), which, combined with the improved GPS, is able to measure your altitude, calories burned, speed down the slopes, and super-precise location.

These new apps use the altimeter to deliver performance stats, but they also turn the mountains into digital ski and snowboard communities. Want to locate your group of friends on the mountain or connect with your ski partner who may have drifted behind or powered ahead? Problem solved.

Download one and hit the slopes. Guaranteed, seeing those calorie counts will make you feel even better about those après-ski drinks. (Not to mention, you're scoring all these other benefits of skiing and snowboarding.)

1. Snocru

Snocru monitors your on-mountain performance, tracking your distance, top speed, and altitude. You can connect with your friends via the app and track each other's progress on the slopes. It also provides snow conditions and the weather forecast for the week, so you can plan your runs (and outfits) accordingly.

2. Slopes

Slopes works hand in hand with your Apple HealthKit, feeding your ski and snowboard progress right to your Apple watch and recording your workout in real time, even without cell reception. (How often do you have cell reception on the mountain, anyway?) Not only does the app record your calories burned, but it can detect wipeouts on all slopes, save photos, and communicate via Siri-a savior for ice-cold fingers.

3. Ski Tracks

Basically an advanced location-tracking app, Ski Tracks provides an in-depth run-by-run analysis of your performance. Just hit "start," and at the end of the day, all of the data is uploaded for your viewing. You can share your wins on social (Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp) to show off your powder-shredding skills, including max speed, ski distance, ascent, and altitude.

4. Snoww

The most social of the ski apps, Snoww is for those social butterflies who want to interact with their friends and fellow skiers throughout the day. It's for the competitive, the social, and the fun-hearted. The app's leaderboard ranks your performance for all your friends and community to see (like Strava does for runners and cyclists), so you can unleash your competitive edge.

5. Squaw Alpine

Squaw Alpine is the resort-specific app for Squaw Valley, which may be the most advanced mountain to date; they're dedicated to using technology to improve skiers' and snowboarders' experience on the slopes. You can track your athletic performance, find your friends, view the trail map, post your stats to the leaderboard, view real-time resort information, purchase lift tickets, and access webcams. Bravo, Squaw! If only every mountain put this much info at your fingertips.

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