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Balance Boards That Will Work You to the Core

Beautyko Balance Board

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Getting toned and building strength doesn't have to cost a pretty penny. This balance board will work you to the core in no time—without breaking the bank. ($29.99;

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Bosu Balance Trainer

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Challenge yourself with this balance set. With how-to DVDs included, this Bosu board will have you ready to hit the beach just in time for summer. ($109.99;

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FIT 3-in-1 Balance Board

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Show off in your next yoga sesh by improving your balance. Roll, rock, or wobble your way to a stronger core with this 3-in-1 balance board. ($169.95;

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GoFit Wood Wobble Board

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This wooded board will help you to develop muscles you never knew you had. And its non-slip surface and adjustable base will make sure you have a safe and personalized core-working session. ($49.99;

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Original FLO GF Natural

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Invest in this board and we promise you won't regret it. Easy to store away and pull out when you want, this Indo board can be adjusted to your needs with its inflatable balance cushion. ($124.95;

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Yes4All Balance Board

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This board is durable and provides a non-slip surface so you can ease your mind when trying to keep your balance during that afternoon sweat sesh. ($16.49;

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SPRI Round Wooble Board

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Simple yet effective, a balance board with a slightly beveled and round bottom is sure to work your core. ($75.98;

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Strongboard Balance

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Increased muscle activation and higher calorie burn are just two of the many extra benefits of this one-of-a-kind balance board. Just make sure you're going to seriously keep up your workout routine before investing in this find—just saying. ($379.95;

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ProSource Core Balance Disc

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Not your average balance board, this ProSource balance disc can also be used as a seat cushion when you're working long hours at your desk. ($13.99-$14.25;

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Fabrication Enterprises 10-1184 Thera-Band Rocker

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Thera-Band's balance board gives you security and a core-building workout. Stronger body, here we come! ($80.90;

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