I'm Buying All My At-Home Workout Gear from This Surprising Store

It turns out, Bed Bath and Beyond is my go-to for more than just kitchen appliances and bath mats.

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Along with "things to do when I'm bored," it's no surprise that "at-home workouts" are one of the highest trending searches on Pinterest right now due to social distancing and quarantine. This shows that while everyone is temporarily forced to forgo the gym, that doesn't mean they want to ditch physical activity altogether. (

But keeping up with a fitness regimen at home is often easier said than done (at least for me). As someone who thrives on boutique-style classes, watching a Youtube video or following along with my favorite trainer online just hasn't been cutting it. To motivate myself, I decided to invest in actual workout gear...but was disheartened to find most of it was already sold-out online or back-ordered—that is, until I happened upon an unlikely source: Bed Bath and Beyond.

As it turns out, Bed Bath and Beyond really does sell things ~beyond~ pantry organizers, bath towels, and kitchen appliances. The retailer's array of affordable workout gear is just what I needed to build my modest-yet-effective home gym without spending a fortune—and thankfully, all of the items are still in stock.

Scroll to see the workout tools from Bed Bath and Beyond that help me sweat it out in my living room. And hurry—while they're still available right now, stock most likely won't last long.

Pure Fun Mini Trampoline

Pure Fun 40-Inch Mini Trampoline in Blue
Bed Bath & Beyond

I'm not a fan of cardio—meaning, you won't find me doing burpees or high knees anytime soon. That said, I know it's important to get my blood pumping a few times a week, which is why I'm purchasing this mini trampoline. The compact design is perfect for my small space and I'll be able to up my heart rate while having fun bouncing around in the process.

Buy It: Pure Fun Mini Trampoline, $57, bedbathandbeyond.com

PBLX 5-Piece Resistance Bands

5-Piece Body Band Resistance Set
Bed Bath & Beyond

This five-piece band set offers different resistance levels to take any at-home workout to the next level. Small, lightweight, and easy to use, these bands are the perfect alternative for bulky equipment like dumbbells, especially for someone like me with minimal storage space. Plus, as a yoga instructor, I like that the bands double as stretching tools, so I can maintain my flexibility.

Buy It: PBLX Body Weight Resistance Bands, $150, bedbathandbeyond.com

Dragonfly Yoga Fitness Ball

Dragonfly Yoga Fitness Ball & Pump
Bed Bath & Beyond

Stability balls can help improve balance and flexibility, and make basic moves a bit more challenging. While I'm excited to use this yoga ball to up the intensity of my crunches and planks, I also plan to use it as my work-from-home office chair to help with my posture and lower back pain.

Buy It: Dragonfly Yoga Fitness Ball, $26, bedbathandbeyond.com

Sol Living Organic Yoga Mat

Sol Living Organic Yoga Mat
Bed Bath & Beyond

A yoga mat is the foundation of any at-home workout, and this one from Sol Living is surprisingly still in stock. Made of an organic cotton material, it's durable, lightweight, and super grippy, so you'll stay in control and balanced no matter how sweaty you get. (

Buy It: Sol Living Organic Yoga Mat, $63, bedbathandbeyond.com

Kamagon 9-Inch Ball

Kamagon 9-Inch Ball
Bed Bath & Beyond

For added resistance during bodyweight workouts at home, I'm using this Kamagon exercise ball with handles. You can customize its weight by adding up to 13 pounds of water, which will help to increase the intensity of your sweat session. And, unlike dumbbells or kettlebells, it can shed its weight between uses—making it portable and easy to store.

Buy It: Kamagon 9-Inch Ball, from $50, bedbathandbeyond.com

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