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The Best Cold-Weather Workout Accessories

Uniqlo Heattech Furry Fleece Neck Warmer

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A bulky scarf will get in the way of your workouts, so go with a gaiter or fitted snood instead. This one has Uniqlo's HEATTECH fabric, which is designed to convert your body's moisture into heat and provide insulation. Also, it's fuzzy.

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Seirus Adults' Heatwave Glove Liners

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Frozen fingers can suck the joy out of even the best fun run. Layering your gloves is the way to go if you'll be out in below-freezing temps. This liner will add an extra layer of insulation under any pair of gloves, and you can also wear it alone when you want light, flexible protection.

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Cold Weather Training Reflective Headband

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This water-resistant wool blend headband has reflective bits, making it perfect for evening workouts when the sun goes down early.

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Photo: Athleta

Eddie Bauer Rechargeable Hand Warmer

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If you buy a crap ton of disposable hand warmers every year to tuck into your gloves during workouts, rechargeable hand warmers will save you money in the long run. This one comes with a USB charging cable, has two heat settings, and lasts three to five hours on a single charge. It doesn't come as a set, so buy two if you want a pair.

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Photo: Eddie Bauer

ActionHeat Small/Medium Black Wool AA Heated Socks

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When you'll be spending a long time outdoors, ditch blister-inducing cotton socks for these wool blend ones. The AA battery-powered socks have heated panels so you won't lose feeling in your toes.

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Photo: The Home Depot

ASOS 4505 SKI Knitted Balaclava

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To keep your ears and mouth warm, go with a balaclava. You can layer it or wear it on its own. This knitted black-and-white one is less "bank robber" than a solid black option.

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Photo: ASOS

The North Face Women's Thermoball Lace II Booties

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Winter running shoes are all about two things: traction and repelling water. This boot from The North Face does both for under $100. Faux fur lining, water-resistant fabric, and rubber lugs will keep your feet dry and warm in the snow.

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Photo: Macy's

Squad XL Chromapop 185mm Snow Goggles

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Top off your snowboarding ensemble with a pair of matte all-black goggles. These have UV protection—which is key, since snow is an exceptional UV reflector and can double your UV exposure.

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Photo: Nordstrom

L.L.Bean Heritage Wooden Snowshoes

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This gorgeous snowshoe is modeled after pairs from the 1900s. They'll look impressive on your feet or on your wall.

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Photo: L.L.Bean

iLive IAKB45 Bluetooth Wireless Knit Stocking Beanie with Microphone

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Ditch your earbuds for headphones that'll keep you warm. This beanie can connect to a smartphone via Bluetooth, and it has built-in speakers and a microphone so you can listen to music or talk on the phone while wearing it.

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Photo: JCPenney

Julbo Eyewear Cham Sunglasses

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These sunnies are made for extreme conditions, with scratch-resistance polarized lenses and leather shields that'll protect you from sideways sunlight. The leather panels are removable, so they'll still fly when you're more interested in fashion than function.

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Pedag 145 Solar Cold Weather Insole

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Plop this in this insole into your shoes to add insulation without bulk. It's made with three layers: wool, a foam layer that "traps body heat with thousands of air bubbles," and a reflective aluminum layer that keeps heat from escaping.

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Yaktrax Run

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Ice skating is fun, but combining it with your early morning jog isn't. To avoid the second-worst risk to outdoor runners in the winter (number one is getting hit by a car), strap on some Yaktrax Run over your shoes to turn ordinary sneakers into trail runners. The lightweight design made of grippy metal coils and carbide spikes will help you stay on pace and on your feet.

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Photo: Yaktrax


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