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The Best Fitness Tracker for Your Personality

If You Want a Tracker That Looks As Good at Work As It Does at the Gym

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Try: Fitbit Alta (starts at $130;

Alright, so, stylish-times-twelve is your middle name. And hey, we don't blame you for wanting fitness trackers that are versatile enough to not look out of place at a fancy event. This slim and refined fitness tracker wristband looks like something that came out of a minimalist architect's opus of prized works, and you can switch out accessory bands (metal, leather, or classic) to match your personal fitness tracker style.

But just because it's a fashionable fitness tracker doesn't mean you should underestimate the power of this wristband. Fitbit Alta doles out all-day activity stats on a crisp and clear OLED display and sends you reminders throughout the day to make sure you stay active. (Tech junkies will love that these tiny but mighty fitness trackers keep call, text, and calendar notifications a'comin'). Come bedtime, it will automatically track your sleep; in the a.m., a vibrating alarm will melt you out of snooze mode in a non-jarring manner.

We also can't stop swooning over the stellar companion app, which makes it easy to connect with friends. Use the app to "cheer" or "taunt" your pals, track everybody's progress on a scoreboard, and keep detailed tabs on your own personal metrics like calories burned, weight, and more. (Check out 5 Cool Ways to Use Your Fitness Tracker That You Probably Haven't Thought Of.)

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If You're Reluctant to Hop Aboard the Whole Fitness Tracker Trend

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Try: Garmin's vivoactive HR ($250;

Allow this powerful watch to totally change your opinion. This incredible smartwatch fitness tracker offers up to eight days of battery life (chronic cord forgetters, rejoice!) and has a wrist-based heart rate monitor runners will love. Complete with a hi-res color touchscreen you can actually read in the sunlight, you can also receive smart notifications and coaching from Garmin Connect when the tracker is paired with your phone. You'll love breaking a sweat both indoors and out thanks to an accelerometer and GPS that tracks with ease (you can even set up vibration alerts for neat things like running intervals and heart rate). No phone? No problem. The watch doesn't require a phone connection for GPS-enabled biking, running, swimming apps to work (your triathalon-loving friends will be jealous).

Photo: Garmin

If You Think a Trip to the Gym for a 30-Minute Elliptical Session Is the Most Boring Thing Ever

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Try: Apple Watch Sport (starts at $349;

The buzzed-about smartwatch from Apple factors in not just that you move, but how you move. Walking the dog? Vacuuming the living room? Picking up your kids? That all counts. You'll love how the activity app tracks your body's incredible happenings all day long—there are just three clean visuals, each a simple ring lit up to indicate percent completion, with numbers in the middle). The Stand ring displays how often you've stood up to take a break from sitting, while The Move ring keeps tabs on how many active calories you've burned. The Exercise ring shows, you guessed it, how much brisk activity you've racked up for the day. Close each ring, and you're done-zo. Looking for more in-depth perspective on your off-the-beaten-path sweat sessions? The Workout App keeps tracks on things like distance, calories, pace, and speed for a variety of the most popular indoor and outdoor activities (yes, that boring elliptical session included). Did we mention the Pocket Yoga app works straight from your Apple Watch? Namaste. (Add these 15 fitness apps to the Watch and you'll basically be unstoppable at the gym.)

Photo: Apple

If You Always Forget Your Charger

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Try: Misfit Ray (starts at $100;

Allow yourself to be won over by this under-the-radar gem of a fitness tracker that guarantees you'll never have to slap yourself for forgetting your charging cord again. Yes, it's affordable, but that doesn't mean it compromises bold, elegant style or great function. This sleep and activity tracker (which we also adore rocking as a necklace) doesn't require charging. Yes, you read that right. With a battery that lasts for up to six months, you'll be able to replace it when the time comes and never worry about charging in the interim. In addition to a silent (vibrating) alarm, Misfit Ray also offers tracking for calories burned and tagging for your favorite workouts like cycling or yoga, and text and call alerts. Even cooler? Misfit Ray is compatible with Misfit Link, which enables you to transform your wearable fitness tracker into a remote to communicate with friends, turn on your lights, change your music, and more. (Find out The Right Way to Use Your Fitness Tracker.)

Photo: Misfit

If You Want Your Fitness Tracker to Be Your Fitness Coach

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Try: Fitbit Blaze ($200;

Launched at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) earlier this year, this impressive fitness tracker gives us even more proof as to why Fitbit has become a household name. Some of our favorite features include FitStar on-screen workouts (10-minute abs? Nothing better.) and SmartTrack automatic exercise recognition, which records favorites like biking, hiking, and running, with general categories for aerobic workouts as well. If you like to mix your style up, the interchangeable band function (stainless steel is a total beauty) will help you transition this wearable from work style to play mode. And just because it's super stacked with great functionality doesn't mean it'll be drained of power in no time; with a battery that lasts up to five days on a single charge, you can blaze through the Monday to Friday grind charger-free.

Photo: Fitbit


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