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The Best Fitness Tracker for Your Personality

For Cardio Queens: Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro

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The Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro has super-accurate heart-rate technology and built-in GPS, and it automatically starts tracking the moment you start moving—no "start" button required. It will also track your steps, your sleep, and your daily calorie burn. It has profiles for pretty much every kind of workout you might get after, from yoga to rowing to lifting. While the Fitbit Charge 2 admittedly boasts almost identical features for the same price, the Gear Fit2 Pro uniquely has built-in music storage and is water-resistant, meaning it can track swims and you don't have to take it off for your post-sweat shower. ($150;

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For Outdoorsy Girls: Garmin Vívoactive 3

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With GPS, heart rate, water-resistance, a barometric altimeter, and 15 sports modes out of the box, this smartwatch tracks pretty much everything you'd want to do on the trail, in the gym, and on the water, from running to skiing to SUPing. A lot of attention has been paid to each profile—the ski tracker knows to auto-pause on the chairlift and start recording again when you're headed downhill, for example. But the thing that really sets Garmin apart is their Connect IQ app, an open platform where you can download apps and widgets other people have made. That means you can load any sport you're missing—including HIIT and hiking—and, since most of the apps are created for fit adventurers, you'll also have access to things like an on-wrist compass, trail running cadence and pace, even customizable watch faces that show today's sunrise and sunset time. ($250;

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For Babes On a Budget: Huawei Band 2 Pro

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Like all entry-level trackers, the Band 2 Pro comes with continuous heart-rate monitoring and step counting. But the other features you won't see in other trackers at this price. It has an easy-to-read watch face, the ability to track specific workouts (running, walking, and swimming), GPS connectivity, special fitness features like relaxation training and run coaching, and even basic smart notifications like calls and emails. TBH, unless you want to track a more specific workout or are jonesing for a sleeker-looking watch, you really don't need to pay more than this for basic accountability and accurate calorie burn. ($70;

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For Marathon Training: Polar M430

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Polar was leading the world of running watches before smartphones even existed, so it's no surprise their latest model, the M430, is one of the best wearables to train with now. In addition to on-wrist heart rate and integrated GPS for run tracking, the M430 comes with personalized training plans for all lengths of races customized to where you're starting from and what your goals are. The tech offers mid-run advice on pacing and adjustments to make your PR. Plus, it has profiles to track cross-training and even offers guided strength, core, and mobility exercise videos via the app to help with injury prevention and recovery. ($200;

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For Those Permanently In #Beastmode: WHOOP

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If you're in the gym every moment you're not at work or with friends, chances are the metrics you really need aren't around how much you're crushing those two-a-days—you need to know how well your body is actually recovering. WHOOP tracks three things: how much strain your body takes each day (while, yes, also tracking your HR and workouts), how much sleep you're getting compared to what your stress load today warranted, and, as a result of the above, how well you've actually recovered from life today. This tracker comes with a steep price tag, but if slowing down is your weak spot, it could be worth it. After all, the better your recover, the harder you can train. ($500;

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For Triathlon Training: Garmin Forerunner 735XT

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The water-resistant 735XT will track runs (indoor, outdoor, and trail), rides (indoor and outdoor), and swims (pool and open water), and lets you create custom workouts that involve specific legs of each—plus a few other activities like cross-country skiing and strength training. In addition to the basics of all smartwatches like steps, calories, phone notifications, heart rate, and GPS, the watch also offers VO2max estimate, lactate threshold, race predictor, and recovery advisor. ($350;

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For Gym Rats: Atlas Shape

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When it comes to strength training, most trackers leave you with nothing more than the ability to see your calorie burn. The team at Atlas, though, answered the asks of barbell-loving babes by building a 3D motion library with hundreds of exercises and putting auto-sensors in their trackers. The result: When you lift a dumbbell, the Shape will not only auto track reps and sets, but will actually recognize the exercise you're doing—even the difference between dumbbell curls and hammer curls, regular push-ups and triangle push-ups. What's more, it can also become a personal trainer, audio-guiding you through strength or HIIT routines. And, thanks to that motion library, it'll correct your form when you're tired and, say, *forget* to put your arms up at the top of a burpee. ($99;

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For Living Your Best Life: Fitbit Versa

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If you want an Apple Watch because they're just so darn pretty, we won't hold you back—it's a great smartwatch. But the newly launched Fitit Versa is a formidable competitor to the king of this category and will support you from the moment you wake up for your workout to when you crash at night. Yet it runs $150 less than the Watch and is compatible with more than just iOS.

The Versa takes care of all your fitness needs: It connects automatically when you start moving and tracks pretty much every kind of workout you'd want. It has connected GPS and on-device music storage, is water-resistant, offers on-screen workout routines, and can even display motivational messages to keep you hyped. The wallet-free payments and four-day battery life are great if you travel. It also has new features like a menstrual cycle tracker and, for mamas, a New Parent app that lets you log your baby's feedings and sleep patterns along with your own mood so you can keep track of their schedule as well as your own trends, right on your wrist. ($200; available for pre-order at

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