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The Best Fitness Trackers for $50 and Under

UP Move

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UP Move brings Jawbone’s powerful technology to the masses. Customize your band to match your lifestyle and outfit by personalizing the flower-like inner disc (available in Slate, Ruby, Grape, Blue and Black), and then choose from 5 different colored clips, 3 colored wrist straps, or 4 colored slim wrist straps. (Warning: the staps cost extra, but the clip is included.) The screenless device pairs with Jawbone’s UP app where you can see your steps taken, exercise done, calories burned, and monitor sleep, and get personalized health recommendation from the Smart Coach. Press the button-like face of the device to activate LED lights that show step progress and the time. A standard watch battery should last around 6 months, so you don’t have to worry about recharging. ($50, (To see Jawbone's other model, and other activity monitors, check out these 5 Cute Fitness Trackers). 

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Misfit Flash

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This wristwatch-like device comes in neons like lemon-lime, fuchsia, teal, and Coca-Cola red as well as white and black. Flash is similar to the pricier Misfit Shine, but is made using a soft, flexible plastic, so it’s also extra comfy. Waterproof up to 30 meters, it lets you specifically track swim workouts as well as running, walking, cycling, and sports like tennis, basketball and soccer. The Flash measures steps, calories, distance, sleep quality and duration and wirelessly syncs with a proprietary app. Oh, and good news for Windows Phone users, who often have limited tracking options: Flash is coming soon to you, too! ($50,

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Bowflex Boost

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The Boost might look intimidating, but it’s actually simple to use and designed for all levels. The 24-hour activity tracker lets you see your progress throughout the day by using an LED light that starts as a red line and progresses to yellow and then green as you meet your daily goals—just tap to check! Set your own goals, but get insight based on your activity level and sleep. Boost tracks steps, distance, calories and sleep and allows you to view them all in app that tracks trends over time. Sync wirelessly over Bluetooth and charge about every 11 days. Plus, you'll just look badass, even if you're just walking from the car to the grocery store. ($50,

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Fitbug Orb

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Keep data for up to 14 days without syncing using the adorable Fitbug Orb, which might give you a throwback moment to your Tamagotchi days. Track activities, monitor sleep, and clip it in anywhere, or throw it in your pocket. Choose from white, black or pink and sync wirelessly by pressing the small button on Orb’s face to push data to the Fitbug app, which works with iOS and Android. In the app, view your total steps vs aerobic steps and view a calendar that color codes if you’ve met your daily goal. While the app doesn’t offer meal logging, My Fitness Pal users can link the app to the Fitbug app. The Fitbug Orb is great for the entry-level user who wants tracking above the level of a pedometer, but not full-fledged monitoring. The device face is also discreet enough to not give away what it does, but still looks sleek and tech-forward. ($50,

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Mi Band

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The value of the Mi Band is unbeatable—seriously, try to find another activity tracker that looks and performs this well at this price point. The flexible band is slim, lightweight, and comes in pretty candy-colored hues of green, orange, red and light blue. The 30-day battery life and waterproof design allow you to truly wear it 24/7. Track daily activity, including distance and steps, and monitor sleep. You can also set the gentle vibrating alarm to wake you up in the morning. If your phone is password protected, you can also use the Mi to unlock it without having to enter your password. ($35,

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