The Best Holiday Gifts for Every Zodiac Sign

Your guide to astrology-informed picks for everyone on your list.

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Whether you're holiday shopping for your partner, sibling, parent, or BFF, you want to be sure that you're snagging a gift that's meaningful, useful, and — above all else — something they'll absolutely love. When you're looking for the ultimate unwrapping experience, chances are you're considering everything you ever learned about them to get just the right gift. So, why not consider what they'll love most based on their personal astrology?

If you know their birthday, you can easily identify their sun sign, or the sign that the luminous celestial body was in when they were born. A person's sun sign speaks to who they are at their core — their identity, sense of self, and how they experience self-esteem and confidence. If you're close enough to your recipient to know what time they were born, you can also figure out their moon sign, which colors their emotional identity, in order to pick a gift that will speak to their heart. (If they're just plain obsessed with astrology, you can grab one of these zodiac sign-stamped gifts as well.)

Whether you're looking to their sun, moon, or entire natal chart for insight, here are holiday gift ideas to suit any sign's vibe.

Aries (March 21–April 19)


Ruled by action-oriented Mars, Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, which absolutely manifests in their taste. Naturally competitive, they love to be early adopters of any hot new trend, style-related or otherwise. They're also innately athletic, so consider gadgets or gear that'll help them stay on track with their efforts to set and beat their own personal record — or anyone else's — be that a running watch, massage gun, or the must-have, celeb-loved workout wear (hey, Gymshark).

You might also consider a wearable device, which can help quantify each and and every one of those fitness wins. Consider a WHOOP fitness tracker, which not only measures everything an Aries is doing for their fitness but also coaches them to recover from all their world domination.

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Taurus (April 20-May 20)

The Sill

Grounded Taureans, influenced by their ruling planet, beauty-loving Venus, are born homebodies who revel in creating a relaxing, aesthetically-pleasing space. (They've likely found the silver lining in 2020's stay-at-home orders.) For that reason, consider focusing on items that will help this earth sign achieve that ultimate goal. Think: a posh cashmere blanket, a sensually scented candle, or a piece of custom art from Etsy, perhaps inspired by their hometown, as they're sure to be proud of their roots.

You can't go wrong scooping up a glamorous-looking plant — real if they have a green thumb or faux if not so much — from The Sill. It'll serve to bolster earthy Taurus' centeredness, as being around super-pretty elements from nature tend to prove soothing for them.

Buy It: Tough Cookie Duo (ZZ Plant and Philodendron), $92,

Gemini (May 21-June 20)


Born social super-communicators, it's no surprise that Geminis answer to messenger Mercury as their ruling planet. This curious, chatty air sign is also style-conscious and adores being up on and flaunting the latest trends. That said, they might appreciate delicate jewelry from an up-and-coming designer — ideally something that serves as a conversation piece. And because they tend to be voracious readers, you could steer toward a literary present, like a gift card to an independent bookstore or Bookshop, which allows you to shop local bookstores online. They might also love an icebreaker deck (Buy It, $25, to promote deep, relationship-building interactions.

If you want to support them in keeping that always-racing mind occupied, you might grab an e-reader that'll allow them to download any and every book they've been dreaming of devouring.

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Cancer (June 21-July 22)


Ruled by the intuitive, sentimental moon, Cancers are deeply feeling and caring souls who often put their loved ones and home life ahead of their own needs. For that reason, you'll do well to urge this water sign to embrace self-care. Tap into their love of the ocean with a cool CBD bath bomb set, salt air-inspired perfume, or seaglass pendant. Or warm their heart by putting together a creative, loving scrapbook of photos you've taken together over the years.

And because the domestic life–loving sign — which rules the fourth house of home —tends to adore making, preparing, or enjoying food with loved ones, you might want to think about a meal kit service like Blue Apron or a book that'll help them get playful and creative in the kitchen, like Chrissy Teigen's Cravings: Hungry for More: A Cookbook.

Buy It: 'Cravings: Hungry for More: A Cookbook' by Chrissy Teigen, $11,

Leo (July 23-August 22)

Kendra Scott

Fire sign Leos, ruled by the confident sun, are dynamic go-getters who rarely shy away from stepping into the spotlight. Chances are they're working on their podcast or post quite a bit on social media. A ring light could be the perfect choice for selfie-loving Leos. They're also lovers of luxury whose personal wardrobe might very well be replete with gold jewelry, bold, bright hues, and styles with summery vibes — and they'll always welcome any thoughtfully-chosen additions that contribute to their shimmery, self-assured look.

That said, you can support your fave Leo's aim to always make an impression with a statement piece, like a bold pendant from Kendra Scott.

Buy It: Kendra Scott Deanna Gold Long Pendant Necklace In Raspberry Labradorite, $88,

Virgo (August 23-September 22)

Rifle Paper Co

Ruled by communicator Mercury, earth sign Virgos might have a rep for being perfectionists, but they're more detail- and service-oriented than anything at all. And while it's ideal to be thoughtful when gifting any sign, but when gifting a Virgo, you'll do best to pick something that proves you really see them. Lovers of lists, record-keeping, and reading, just about any Virgo will be into a pretty journal, a planner, or noise-canceling headphones so they can listen to that new audiobook in peace.

Consider a desk accessory gift set that hits on all cylinders by celebrating Virgo's love of lists and staying in touch with friends and family, including this one from Rifle Paper Co. featuring a trio of stitched notebooks, a pen, social stationery, and a porcelain catchall tray.

Buy It: Rifle Paper Co. Botanical Gift Set, $60,

Libra (September 23-October 22)


As a social air sign ruled by romantic Venus, Libras adore all things artistic and beautiful, and they're unabashedly in love with love. This Venusian influence translates to a heightened appreciation for music, art, dance, as well as personal beauty. Chances are they're well-versed on the hottest new skin-care products and have a way of throwing together a look on the fly that has them looking camera-ready in seconds. That said, they might love a lifestyle subscription box such as FabFitFun or a gift card for a site such as Rent the Runway.

Given their adoration of all things beauty, they'll love experimenting with a makeup, skin care, or hair gift set, which can be both functional and creative. Check out cult-favorite line Drunk Elephant's sampler set, featuring a collection of hair care formulations alongside a trio of body products. (Also check out these other amazing gifts for skin-care lovers.)

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Scorpio (October 23–November 21)

House of Intuition LA

Magnetic, spiritual, and power-seeking Scorpios owe their intensity to co-ruling planets, action-oriented Mars and transformative Pluto. And as the fixed (aka resolute) water sign, they know what they like, tending to be a creature of habit. Knowing their go-to purveyor, whether that's their favorite gourmet grocery store or artisan on Etsy, will certainly help you steer toward a winning gift. And because they're super-sexual, sensual, and sensitive, you might hit it out of the park with crystals, special Tarot card deck, or sensual massage oil.

Tap into Scorpio's love of magic, comfort with the darker side of life, and appetite for personal transformation with a box of ritual tools from House of Intuition. Their Enchanted Holiday Gift Set features a special meditation candle, a rose aura quartz tower, and palo santo incense wands.

Buy It: House of Intuition Enchanted Holiday Gift Box, $35,

Sagittarius (November 22-December 21)

Rosetta Stone

Adventure-seeking, jovial, and outspoken in how they express themselves, fire sign Sagittarians are known for going big or going home, thanks to their ruling planet, expansive Jupiter. Lifelong learners, Sagittarians seek out new horizons every chance they get, so steer toward gifts that support their love of travel, whether that's a GPS-enabled running watch, travel wallet, or scratch map (talk about a cute stocking stuffer!). They also love exploring different cultures, so you might look at gifts made by talented global artisans on Uncommon Goods.

Once it's safer to travel internationally again, you can pretty much guarantee that anyone with significant Sag in their chart is going to want to be first in line to hop on a flight. In the meantime, gifting this wanderlusting sign a Rosetta Stone membership, so they can hone their foreign language skills, might be just the ticket. (See: How to Get the Mental Health Benefits of Travel Without Going Anywhere)

Buy It: Rosetta Stone Subscription: 1 Year of Unlimited Languages, $96,

Capricorn (December 22–January 19)


Industrious, pragmatic earth sign Capricorns, ruled by taskmaster Saturn, are traditionalists at heart, so you can't really go wrong with a classic gift; think a beautiful frame, a jewelry box, or a personalized pendant. Because they're so enterprising and likely quite devoted to their careers, you might want to shop for an item that supports their professional endeavors, like a Project Action Pad for organizing and mapping out their major game plans or a sweet French press to help fuel their most grueling days.

Caps, like other earth signs, are also happiest when they're in touch with nature, so chances are they enjoy hiking, biking, or doing any kind of — likely demanding — training that can happen out in the world. If you know their shoe size, you could grab a pair of next-level and eye-catching kicks from Nike. If you don't, a gift card could give your fave Cap the power to nab what they need.

Buy It: Nike Air Zoom Tempo Next%, $200,; Nike Gift Card, from $25,

Aquarius (January 20–February 18)

Uncommon Goods

Futuristic, offbeat, and deeply humanitarian, air sign Aquarians, ruled by revolutionary Uranus, live to strike out on their own any chance they get. Their love of community and fighting for the greater good makes them perfect candidates for a charitable gift, such as a donation to an organization close to their hearts. They're also incredibly science-minded and somewhat eccentric, tending to adore indie or otherwise obscure art most people have never heard of, so think: a high-tech turntable, Bluetooth-enabled water bottle, a quirky accessory made from recycled material, or a membership to a nearby science museum or planetarium.

Above all else, Aquarians will be most satisfied with a gift that's making the world a better place in some way, like a composter, which will turn food scraps into fertilizer.

Buy It: Living Composter, $199,

Pisces (February 19–March 20)


Pisceans, ruled by illusion-loving Neptune, are sensitive, romantic dreamers and artists who are innately empathic. Spiritual-minded and wired to pick up everyone's energy around them, they tend to cope through escapism and daydreaming — from getting lost in a favorite historical drama to writing heartfelt poetry. Go for gifts that help them wind down and channel their deeply-felt emotions, including calming bath salts, paint pouring kit, Tibetan singing bowl, or book of creative writing prompts.

Setting the mood is key for Pisces to get centered and perhaps do their favorite yoga flow or meditation practice. For that reason, they might adore an aromatherapy diffuser and a kit of essential oils, such as soothing lavender and mood-brightening bergamot. (See: The Benefits of Essential Oils)

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