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The Absolute Best Gear for Long-Distance Runs

Shock Absorber Ultimate Fly Bra

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Supportive without being super compressive, this sports bra will be your new BFF on long runs. Brushed elastic seams keep you comfortable no matter how sweaty you get, and the molded bra itself is super light, so you won't feel weighed down by an underwire or extra hardware. ($70;

(BTW, this is the one mistake you're making with your sports bra.)

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SweatWELLth Friction Free

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When long distances are involved, chafing is pretty much inevitable thanks to friction—unless you use a barrier. If you're looking for an alternative to the classic anti-chafing balm products, this convenient spray should do the trick. ($18;

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Polar M430 GPS Running Watch

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Running watches meant for distance training can get seriously expensive, but this one has all the bells and whistles—like wrist-based heart-rate tracking, built-in training programs, a super-long battery life, and GPS technology—for a mid-range price tag. ($200;

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Gore Wear R7 2in1 Shorts

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These might not look like anything special, but when it comes to running long distances, comfort is queen. A double-layered short means you have plenty of coverage with zero risk of chafing. Reflective detailing plus plenty of storage pockets make these a convenient pick you'll keep coming back to. ($70;

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Original Tiger Tail Massage Stick

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For those with high weekly mileage counts, a trusty recovery tool is a must. This massage stick is compact, travel-friendly, and seriously effective. Use it to roll out tight quads and calves after your next 20-miler. ($30;

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Salomon Pulse Belt

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Hydration pack and storage accessory in one, this low-profile waist belt can hold two water flasks, gels or other mid-run snacks, and your keys, credit card, and cash. ($35;

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Saucony NYC Kinvara 9

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Designed especially for the New York City marathon, these lightweight, cushiony sneakers will go the distance. ($110;

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District Vision Kashiro Sunglasses

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Engineered to stay put comfortably—even during unexpected weather and crazy-high sweat levels—these polarized sunglasses are the ultimate in running eyewear. ($219;

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Balega Blister Resist No Show Socks

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As your mileage count creeps up, so may blisters. These socks stop the problem at the source by cutting down on friction and keeping feet dry with moisture-wicking fibers. ($13;

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Fitbit Flyer Headphones

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Interchangeable earbud attachments ensure you get the perfect fit with these wireless headphones, which boast six hours of play time and the ability to take calls right from the road—which will probably come in handy on a three-hour run. ($130;

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