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The Best Running Sunglasses for Bright Summer Workouts

Electric Encella

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Not only do these look cool, but they actually protect your eyes through melanin-infused lenses. Yup, it's the same stuff that pigments your skin. It helps to block UV rays and blue light, so your eyes and the skin around them are less strained, and you have an added layer of protection from the sun. ($120;

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Zeal Magnolia

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Pretty and powerful, these sunnies are made with materials that won't weigh your head down. Plus, they can withstand extreme temperatures, so they're good for sweaty runs and winter sports. ($149;

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Oakley The Moonlighter Mist Collection

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These retro-feeling ombré frames are a perfect go-between for everyday life and active pursuits. They also feature Oakley's Prizm lenses, which are especially suited to super-bright conditions, enhancing visibility and making the colors around you appear even more vibrant. ($153;



Photo: Oakley

Ryders Eyewear Seventh

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If you're looking for a more technical pick, these won't disappoint. They're originally designed for cycling, but plenty of runners opt for this style because of active-ready features like adjustable nose pads and temple tips that allow for a secure, customized fit. They also feature anti-fog lens technology, so no matter how steamy things get, you'll be able to see clearly. ($150;


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Adidas Tempest

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A sporty take on the trendy cat eye lens, these running sunglasses boast a super-stable fit so you don't have to worry about losing them on the road. ($119;


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Sunski Singlefin

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For a polarized option that's less of an investment, these stylish and super-lightweight frames are a steal. ($58;

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Smith Lowdown Focus Slim

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These sunglasses come connected to an app that helps you develop mental focus during exercise. Pretty cool, right? By using brain-sensing technology, the app measures how focused you are, then gives you feedback on how to keep your head in the game—which might be just what you need to go that extra mile. ($349;

(Learn more about how meditation and mindful running can help you get past mental roadblocks.)


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Roka Halsey

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These might look like regular sunglasses, but they're actually engineered for performance. They're seriously light at just 26 grams, totally sweat-proof, and even fingerprint-resistant. ($170;

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District Vision Keiichi Standard

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District Vision researches and develops sunglasses meant specifically for running, and their products are athlete-tested before they hit the market. This pair features advanced sports lenses made for heightened visibility that are also shatter- and scratch-proof. ($199;


Photo: District Vision

Native Eyewear Sixty-Six

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A performance option without that "technical" look, these sunglasses are ideal for shorter jogs that could be followed by social plans. They've got polarized lenses that are also mirrored for less glare and higher style. ($149;

Photo: Native Eyewear

Vira Sun Lotus

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Originally designed for outdoor yoga, these shades offer everything the casual runner needs. Polarized, UV-protective lenses and a sleek and durable frame will have you sweating in style. ($65;


Photo: Vira Sun


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