The Best Running Vests for Staying Hydrated Mile After Mile

Reflect, hydrate, and keep your essentials stashed away while you run with these top-rated running vests.

person pausing in the middle of an outdoor run to drink from a hydration running vest

As a runner, your accessories (read: gear) are almost as important as the miles themselves. If it's nighttime, you need something with a reflective sheen. If it's humid, you need something breathable and sweat-wicking. If you're going on a longer run, you need something that can hold your favorite water bottle or a hydration sleeve, along with room to stash your snacks and keys.

Enter: a running vest. Reflect, hydrate, and keep your essentials stashed away while you run with these top-rated running vests — promise, they're as comfortable and stylish as they are durable.

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CamelBak Octane 10 70oz. Hydration Vest

Camelback running vest hydration packproduct photo
Dick's Sporting Goods

When it comes to hydration packs, it doesn't get any more classic than a CamelBak. This 70-ouncer is surprisingly spacious. In addition to the water bladder, there are two zippered sections perfect for storing anything from electrolyte gummies and protein bites to a fresh pair of socks and a stick of deodorant. The straps are also cushioned, so you can expect zero chafing on neighborhood jogs or long marathons.

"On long hikes, I carry a full bladder of water, snacks, wallet, keys, phone, a lunch, and a few other things while keeping it light as a feather. GREAT pack," shared a customer.

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CamelBak HydroBak 50 oz. Hydration Pack

CamelBak HydroBak 50 oz. Hydration Pack in red product photo
Dick's Sporting Goods

A smaller option that's earned over 3,500 five-star ratings from Amazon customers, this 50-ounce CamelBak is designed to keep you hydrated without weighing you down. It has two external pockets you can use to stash your phone and other must-haves (keys, ID, etc.). It's made with a ventilated harness to keep you cool, a padded back panel to keep you comfortable, and reflective detailing to help keep you safe — what more could you ask for? (Cue the crickets.)

"This is a great water pack for running. It isn't too big so you barely notice it on. I have run two marathons with it on now. Make sure to move the cap to the left until it clicks before tightening to avoid leaks. Once you get the hang of it, leaks aren't a problem," reported a shopper.

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Osprey Packs Dyna 1.5 Women's Running Hydration Vest

Osprey Packs Dyna 1.5 Women's Running Hydration Vest product photo

If you're in the market for a hydration pack, you've probably heard of Osprey. With a 1.5-liter bladder, a flat-laying back pocket, and strap storage for your phone and keys, the Dyna is your perfect running companion. Because the wrap-around is made of soft, ventilated mesh, you don't have to worry about excess sweating or chafing.

One fan said: "I bought this for a 50K run I had coming up. I LOVE IT!!! After a short time running, I don't even feel the extra weight of the fluid. Comfortable and secure. I could stow all my snacks and iPhone X without any problem. The magnet to hold the drinking hose is terrific. One of my best purchases ever!"

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The North Face Flight Race Day 8 Vest

The North Face Flight Race Day 8 Vest product photo

This lightweight vest fits two chest-height mini running bottles versus a full water pack on the back — making it ideal for when you want to keep your load light or know you'll have spots to fill your water stash along the way. Worried about dehydration? There's a bonus water bladder pocket in the back if you really want to be prepared. It also features 360-degree reflectivity, pockets to store your essentials, and a comfortable harness system that won't cause any irritation.

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Ultimate Direction Women's Adventure Vesta 5.0

Ultimate Direction Women's Adventure Vesta 5.0 product photo

This vest may not have a traditional hydration pack, but it's probably the roomiest option on the list. It has tons of storage pockets: four front pockets for bottles (and two flasks that come with the vest) or your phone, two front zippered storage pockets, two zippered hip pockets, two large zippered back pockets that'll fit anything from top layers to a complete change of clothes, trekking pole holders, and back compression cords to hold gear. Plus, it has an integrated rain fly to protect your gear if you get caught in an unexpected shower.

"I've run in UD vests for years, and I've always liked them. This new model has a few new features that I really appreciate, notably, a bit less plastic on the back cinch, and the lovely accessible pocket on the back for tucking in things that you need to remove or put on several times while running, such as gloves, a hat, or a windbreaker. I like the size of this pack because it works well for short and long runs. There's plenty of room for stuff, but it doesn't bounce around when you have just a few things in there. It's a great purchase, I'm really happy with it!" raved one five-star reviewer on the brand's site.

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Sojourner Rave Hydration Pack Backpack

product photo of Sojourner Rave Hydration Pack Backpack

Crave something that's a little more colorful? This Sojourner pack has rave vibes, but it's also runner-approved. It fits a 2-liter water bladder and has adjustable straps and a belt to keep it snug against your body as you move. And the zippered pocket can hold all of your essentials — though, reviewers say it can't fit much when the bladder is full. Bonus: It comes in patterns and colors to match every running sneaker you own, from pineapple print to holographic pink.

One customer wrote: "I used this backpack for my first time to Electric Forest and I absolutely loved it and it looks amazing!!! I also used this to run a half marathon and to travel, one of my favorite backpacks!"

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Triwonder Hydration Pack

product photo of Triwonder Hydration Pack

Whether you're cycling, hiking with your dog, or running a marathon, over 3,000 Amazon reviewers have given this lightweight option five stars for being one of the best value running vests. It comes with front pockets to store two mini water bottles, as well as a spacious rear pouch to keep a hydration bladder if you're going a greater distance. The straps and back are designed with breathable mesh to keep you cool, the sternum straps ensure a snug fit to reduce bounce, and the reflectivity on the front and back keeps you safe if you find yourself hitting the pavement after the sun goes down.

"This vest is amazing!! For starters, it's very light and comfortable and doesn't bounce even when you have the bladder full. This vest has plenty of storage — I had two bottles, bladder, keys, and found a bonus pocket for my iPhone8, and in this pocket the phone stayed dry when my vest was wet! I would recommend this for all distance runners that are looking to stay hydrated, or light runs when needing to carry items," said a shopper.

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